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April 2013 Archives

Man suffers fatal workplace injury after only 4 weeks on the job

Colorado readers may be interested to learn that the owners of a company in another state failed to comment to media requests after a tragic incident occurred at their work site recently. This may have been the case because officials from the state division of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) were set to arrive to investigate the fatal accident at work. The incident claimed the life of a man who was said to have worked for the company for only four weeks before the accident.

Major damage after construction accident

Colorado readers might have read of the terrible construction accident at the Department of Transportation in another state. This tragic occurrence resulted in one fatality and serious injuries. The workplace accident pinned three people underneath trailers that were used on site. The trailers were being used as temporary office space and the three people trapped were working in their proximity. One managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Colorado learns of tragic workplace injury at warehouse

Colorado readers may be interested to learn about a horrific accident that happened recently at a distribution warehouse in another state. The man who was injured in the incident appears to have been at work when it happened. He is now in a local hospital recovering from a devastating workplace injury that was reportedly life threatening.

Colorado on-the-job injury may require workers' compensation help

The story of a cable man who got hurt while working may be of interest to some readers in Colorado. The on-the-job accident happened when the cable man attempted to scale a fence on a property where he had been hired to work. The man suffered injuries that required an extended period of time for recovery.

Man suffers workplace injury that is life-altering

Colorado workers now that many jobs in our state can be dangerous. This is especially true of a worker is untrained or lacks the requisite knowledge to do the job that they were assigned. This may have been what happened to one young man who suffered a bizarre injury during employment in 2010.