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3 injured in construction accident after scaffolding collapses

For individuals in Colorado and across the nation who operate in the construction industry, using scaffolding to work at heights might be an everyday occurrence. While these mechanisms make certain duties significantly less difficult to perform, should a malfunction occur, the health of workers can be placed at significant risk. Three individuals have suffered injuries in a construction accident that took place under similar circumstances in another state.

The incident took place at around 10:30 a.m. on a recent Wednesday as the workers were using scaffolding to perform job-related duties inside an apartment building. For reasons unknown, the scaffolding suddenly collapsed, resulting in a fall of nearly 16 feet. All three workers were placed on stretchers and rushed to a medical facility for treatment, one of which was reportedly treated for serious injuries.

Reducing occupational injuries with the use of technology

Work-related incidents are far too common and run the risk of causing serious harm to the health of employees. While companies in Colorado and across the nation strive to reduce the risk of occupational injuries, they may be uncertain how best to achieve this goal. According to recent studies, improvements to surveillance and data collection technology in the workplace could be the key to improving employee safety.

Recent reports from a panel of experts suggest that advancements to surveillance could play a vital role in increasing safety. Improvements in this area may help ensure that workplace incidents are properly reported and thus handled appropriately. The panel suggests that a similar process would require improvements to communication and cooperation among state and federal agencies.

Reducing the odds of occupational injuries in hazardous fields

While workers in every profession may face some level of risk in the workplace, certain fields of profession are inherently more dangerous than others. Companies in Colorado and elsewhere that hire individuals to work in factories and warehouses may develop stringent safety procedures and require workers to wear the necessary gear at all times. However, with the presence of heavy machinery and the potential risks of fires and explosions, occupational injuries may remain a constant threat.

In addressing potential safety concerns, officials claim that the first step is to stress the importance of adhering to safety procedures. With demanding schedules and deadlines in similar settings, employees could resort to taking shortcuts for optimal performance. However, while a shortcut may seem harmless at first glance, such a decision could cause an accident that not only delays production but also creates a threat to the health of everyone nearby.

Man dies after being struck by beam in a construction accident

Many construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere place a high priority on maintaining a safe environment for workers to operate in. Companies may also provide safety training and equipment for employees in an effort to reduce the odds that an accident will occur. Unfortunately, preventing every construction accident could prove a difficult task, and those involving heavy falling objects can be devastating.

A 39-year-old man was killed in a recent construction accident that took place in another state. According to investigating officials, the man was performing work at a job site when a heavy beam fell from above and struck him in the head. Although he was reportedly working alone at the time, nearby workers heard the beam fall and notified emergency responders, but the man was unfortunately pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Methods to apply for Social Security disability in Colorado

When a person in Colorado or elsewhere becomes unable to maintain employment due to a disability, he or she may be uncertain where to turn for help. Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance can be a complex process, and it can take months to receive a determination. Individuals who are seeking disability benefits may also find it advisable to consider the methods used during the application process, as the easiest method might not always prove to be the best.

With the ease of access and convenience that computers offer, one may feel as though filling out an application online is the best method. However, with little to know experience in such matters, one could overlook important aspects or leave pertinent information out unintentionally. By meeting with someone in person to apply for benefits, an individual may gain a better understanding of the information needed in the application.

Construction accident involving machine malfunction injures 1

Companies in Colorado and across the nation are constantly reviewing and addressing protocols and procedures to increase workplace safety and cut down on the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, even in following safety procedures to the letter, the safety of a worker might not be guaranteed, especially in the presence of a malfunctioning machine. A man has recently suffered serious injuries in a construction accident that occurred under similar circumstances.

The incident in question took place at a construction site at around 9 a.m. on a recent Thursday. For reasons unknown, the boom of a concrete pump truck suddenly malfunctioned and fell on the man's head. Emergency responders were notified of the incident soon thereafter, and they stated that certain conditions in the area forced them to enlist additional help in rescuing the man.

Accident involving semi and dock leads to fatal workplace injury

Many companies in Colorado and elsewhere make use of commercial vehicles to assist in the transportation of materials and goods. With their inherent size and weight, these vehicles can carry heavy loads, but they can also pose a threat to nearby workers, as a workplace injury involving a semi runs the risk of ending in catastrophe. A recent workplace accident involving such a vehicle has claimed the life of a 30-year-old man.

According to law enforcement agents, the incident took place just before 8 p.m. on a recent Wednesday when the man was helping the driver of a commercial vehicle back into a loading dock. For reasons unknown, he suddenly became trapped between the vehicle and the dock. Upon parking the truck, the driver proceeded to go about his job and states that he didn't find the man for nearly 15 minutes.

Factors regarding eligibility for Social Security Disability

Many individuals in Colorado and across the nation have experienced a disruption to their ability to work due to a disability. For those who are no longer capable of maintaining a job, the need for financial assistance may arise. Individuals who suffer from a serious medical condition may wish to pursue benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance, but they might have concerns regarding their eligibility.

For one to become eligible for Social Security Disability, his or her condition must be severe, and must be expected to last over one year. However, there may be additional factors, aside from the severity of one's condition, that may play a part in the determination of eligibility. For instance, age could also play a role, as those who have reached full retirement age may no longer be eligible for disability benefits.

Crane accidents run the risk of ending in disaster in Colorado

When a construction job calls for the lifting of exceedingly heavy materials, workers in Colorado and elsewhere may be required to make use of a crane. While these machines make it much less difficult to perform job duties that would otherwise be nearly impossible, there is also a certain level of risk involved in their use. Crane accidents can prove to be some of the most devastating workplace incidents, potentially placing the safety of everyone nearby in harm's way.

A recent accident involving a crane in a neighboring state left one man with injuries, and several others scrambling to seek safety. According to reports, the incident took place on a recent Wednesday morning as workers were attempting to lift a concrete wall with use of a crane. While transporting the wall, a cable suddenly snapped and caused the crane to collapse and topple over.

1 dead after construction accident involving lift and doorway

Construction workers in Colorado and across the country make use of various types of equipment and machinery that are necessary to the task at hand. While machines such as a scissor lift can be helpful in job duties that require one to work at heights, workers must use caution when moving similar machines to reduce the odds of a dangerous incident. A 27-year-old man has died in a recent construction accident after becoming trapped between a motorized lift and a doorway.

According to reports, the incident occurred just after 10 a.m. on a recent Thursday as the man was operating a motorized lift at a job site. While attempting to move the lift, his head suddenly became trapped between the machine and a nearby doorway. Other workers found the man and notified emergency responders, but he was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene soon thereafter.