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Colorado learns of tragic workplace injury at warehouse

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Colorado readers may be interested to learn about a horrific accident that happened recently at a distribution warehouse in another state. The man who was injured in the incident appears to have been at work when it happened. He is now in a local hospital recovering from a devastating workplace injury that was reportedly life threatening.

The man at the center of this workplace injury accident was at Holman Distribution when the incident occurred. For reasons that are as yet unclear, he got his head stuck between a loading dock at the warehouse and a tractor-trailer truck that was backing up to the dock. Once he became aware of the injured man’s peril, the truck driver pulled his rig forward, freeing the injured victim.

Medical personnel responded to emergency calls and airlifted the injured man to the hospital. Officials are investigating in an effort to determine how the workplace injury occurred. As a part of their inquiry, they may seek to speak with others who were at the warehouse when the accident occurred and also, examine safety procedures in effect.

As is the case in similar situations in Colorado, this man may find financial relief through the workers’ compensation program in his state. Such benefits are often available when a workplace injury occurs and can help a person economically as they work to recover from a tragic accident. In order to ensure that the benefits are paid as soon as possible, an injured worker or their family may wish to review the applicable rules for applying for the insurance program as quickly as possible after an accident happens.

Source: oregonlive.com, “Man’s head nearly crushed in Clackamas-area warehouse accident,” Rick Bella, April 4, 2013

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