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3 reasons why Social Security applications are denied

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Social Security Disability

Approval for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits is not automatic. Filing for benefits does not mean you will receive them. To qualify, you must have worked enough years to pay into the program. The Social Security Administration (SSA) routinely denies most claims initially. Fortunately, there is an appeal process that claimants can fall back on.

To reduce the likelihood of you needing to file an appeal and ensure that you receive your Social Security disability benefits in a timely manner, review the following reasons the SSA denies disability claims.

Incomplete application

It is important to provide as much information as possible on your SSD application. Missing and inaccurate information, grammar and spelling issues are common issues that result in denials because they lack sufficient information for proper evaluation. Missing or irrelevant information can also cause delays in processing or a lower SSD benefit award.

Income is too high

The Social Security Administration uses a substantial gainful activity (SGA) limit to mandate the amount of income you can have while receiving benefits. Your disability may prevent you from performing your usual work duties but may not impede your ability to work in a lesser capacity. You can work while receiving SSD benefits as long as your income does not exceed the SGA.

Lack of cooperation

The SSA requires applicants to follow through on all necessary medical treatments that are necessary to rehabilitate their conditions, such as ongoing therapy or surgical procedures. However, there are exceptions for missing medical appointments that include a lack of financial resources, religious beliefs and certain mental health symptoms.


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