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June 2018 Archives

Help with Social Security disability appeals

Unfortunately, many Social Security disability applications for benefits are denied. That is not the end of the story, however, and applicants for these important benefits should also be familiar with appeals options available to help them obtain the benefits they need.

Can I get SSD benefits for an anxiety disorder?

Many people often feel anxious in new situations or when beginning a new task, but they do not consider it debilitating enough as to affect their daily functioning. This is why many Colorado residents might find it difficult to understand that anxiety and depression can profoundly affect an individual's life and career. People who are suffering from anxiety might become uninterested in life, lethargic and unmotivated - left with a mental condition that leaves them unable to work.

The difference between SSD and workers' comp disability

Since workers' compensation disability and Social Security Disability benefits both provide monetary support for injured Colorado residents who are unable to work, many people may be unsure of which program they qualify for. As a result, injured individuals may end up applying for the wrong program and be denied benefits they desperately need.

Apply for SSD benefits with competent help

While Colorado residents are working, they enjoy a certain amount of independence and the freedom their income allows them to have, regardless of the amount of money one is actually earning. It is the independence that is appealing. This is why, when an injury prevents someone from working, they often find it difficult to ask others for help. Asking a family member is difficult enough, asking the Social Security Administration for Social Security Disability benefits, a system that one has contributed to, can be even more difficult because the process can seem much more complex and daunting.

How is work history relevant to my SSD benefits application?

Since the Social Security Administration can access an applicant's work history many applicants make the mistake of not furnishing evidence regarding their work history when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. This mistake could be one of the reasons almost 70 percent of all first-time applications are rejected.

Medical reasons for SSD benefits claim denial

Colorado residents who are about to apply for Social Security Disability benefits may have heard an alarming figure thrown around: approximately two-thirds of all initial claims for SSD benefits are denied by the Social Security Administration. This may seem frustrating to applicants, as a portion of one's paycheck is contributing towards the very benefits that one is applying for, but rather than give up hope, one should understand the reason why their application has been denied so that additional next steps can be taken in hopes of remedying the matter.