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August 2017 Archives

Roof collapse during demolition leads to fatal workplace injury

Certain fields of employment may be inherently more dangerous than others. Even with numerous safety procedures in place, employees in Colorado and elsewhere who work in demolition may face a certain level of risk on a daily basis. A man has recently suffered a fatal workplace injury after a roof caved in at the site of a scheduled demolition project in another state.

3 construction workers injured by falling objects

Companies in Colorado and elsewhere make frequent use of cranes and other machines to assist in transporting and lifting materials. Should some of these materials come loose in the process, the health of those below could be placed in harm's way. Falling objects can be dangerous regardless of size and weight, as even the smallest object can do a substantial amount of damage when falling from significant heights.

Social Security disability claims can be intimidating

When a person in Colorado becomes disabled, it will likely be one of the biggest challenges he or she will have to face. While the threat of financial instability could be overwhelming, the lack of knowledge about the claims process for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can exacerbate the stress. Many applicants find that their claims are rejected because of fundamental errors.

Falling stone causes worker to suffer fatal workplace injury

Some fields of employment may come with a certain level of risk, such as those that involve working in close proximity to heavy materials. Companies in Colorado and elsewhere that work with stone are required to train employees on proper safety procedures, but preventing every accident could be challenging. A 21-year-old man has recently suffered a fatal workplace injury after he was crushed by a slab of granite.

Construction accident claims life of man crushed by counterweight

Construction workers in Colorado and across the country work in and around hazardous environments and equipment every day. With the presence of heavy machinery and materials, the risk of injury is ever-present should an accident occur. A 55-year-old man was killed in a recent construction accident in another state, after reportedly being crushed by a counterweight.

Fatal workplace injury after heavy-duty tire explodes

Heavy-duty machinery is used on many job sites in Colorado and across the country to assist in moving materials and clearing work spaces. These vehicles are generally of greater size and weight, and can place a great deal of pressure on tires, which may increase the chances of a blowout. A 45-year-old man recently suffered a fatal workplace injury in another state after the tire on a similar vehicle suddenly exploded.

Hazardous equipment: Faulty elevator apparatus injures 5

In construction sites in Colorado and elsewhere, companies may employ temporary measures to transport workers and materials from floor to floor. While in many cases these are erected with utmost caution, should any issues arise, hazardous equipment can pose a serious threat to the health of a worker. A recent accident under similar circumstances at a construction site in another state has reportedly led to the injuries for five workers.

Lack of sleep could raise the risk of a serious workplace injury

There are many circumstances in which a dangerous workplace accident might occur. Although each job might include its own hazards, there are a few concerns that may be universal, such as tiredness and/or fatigue on the job. Recent studies even suggest that individuals in Colorado and elsewhere who work while sleepy are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident, and subsequently suffering a workplace injury.