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Social Security disability claims can be intimidating

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Firm News, Social Security Disability

When a person in Colorado becomes disabled, it will likely be one of the biggest challenges he or she will have to face. While the threat of financial instability could be overwhelming, the lack of knowledge about the claims process for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can exacerbate the stress. Many applicants find that their claims are rejected because of fundamental errors.

Understanding eligibility for benefits may help. The nature of the disability must be such that it will affect the person for longer than 12 months. It must also prevent him or her from continuing a previous occupation, or render the person unable to adjust to another work type. As well as looking into severity and the medical conditions that gave rise to the disability, the Social Security Administration will also want to determine whether the applicant is able to earn an income from a different type of employment.

The fact that there are no employment opportunities in the disabled person’s chosen profession does not make them incapable of doing that job. The SSA expects an applicant to explore alternative occupations that may be accessible to people with that particular disability. Applicants must provide comprehensive medical records, along with work records that demonstrate the scope of previous employment to assist in the processing of the application.

The process can be intimidating, particularly when a disability claim is rejected. For that reason, many Colorado victims of debilitating illnesses or injuries seek the assistance of experienced Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys to help them understand their rights and to provide support and guidance with the navigation of claims. It is a process that involves multiple steps, and while many give up the fight too soon, a persistent lawyer can work to get the best possible result.

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