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November 2014 Archives

Multiple employees fatally injured on the job

Working in a Colorado chemical plant can have specific hazards and may require an employer to exercise heightened safety measures. A set of brothers recently lost their lives at a chemical facility after being injured on the job following a chemical gas accident. The plant workers were both long-time employees, and they lost their lives individually responding to the emergency needs of another person. The incident took place when one of the men first heard a female colleague who may have been injured on the job and was yelling for help in another area of the chemical plant.

1 killed, 2 injured at work in Colorado fracking accident

As Colorado continues to experience colder than normal temperatures, those that work outside in the elements may be at greater risk for being injured at work when placed in dangerous situations. When an employer fails to communicate risks and the need for increased safety due to colder temperatures, workers may be affected. Two employees of a large oil and gas company working at a Colorado fracking site were recently injured at work, and they were the lucky ones; one of their co-workers were killed in the same incident.

Indoor crane collapses, causing workplace injury

Indoor cranes used in Colorado are often suspended across an open area by bars so that materials can be easily lifted and transported across the warehouse floor to another location. When a crane is not installed or supported correctly, the machine can collapse or drop materials. The result may be an accident that can cause a workplace injury. An employee recently suffered a serious workplace injury after an accident involving a crane that fell.

Colorado man loses life in fatal workplace injury

A fatal workplace injury may inflict severe emotional and financial trauma on a family after they lose their loved one. Organizing arrangements and preparing an estate can sometimes be overwhelming when the household income has unexpectedly ceased. A Colorado man recently lost his life after suffering a workplace injury.