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August 2012 Archives

Colorado natural gas burst inflicts workplace injury to 3, kills 1

During the height of more scrutinized processes in the gas and oil industries due to the issues of onshore energy and hydraulic fracturing, a recent Colorado accident at a natural gas well has sparked media attention. It was the first such fatal accident for the Encana Corporation in the basin, but it has already caused industry attention. Colorado officials are calling the recent incident an industrial accident which unfortunately resulted in the death of one person and workplace injury to three others.

Anniversary of stage accident a reminder of festival dangers

As fall nears, many states (including Colorado) and counties will begin to host their annual fairs and festivals, drawing in the community for entertainment and fun. During this time, many workers will be exposed to large crowds, long work hours, stages and sets, and moving rides and games; all of which may cause injury if proper safety procedures are not utilized. This month marks the one year anniversary of a tragic accident that left dozens of people suffering from physical injury, and seven people dead.

Workplace accident at research lab watched closely in Colorado

Colorado employees may not be strangers to workplace safety initiatives, but they also likely know that accidents can occur at any time and to anyone. When a workplace accident does occur resulting in serious injuries or even death, families may feel overwhelmed and even devastated. A workplace injury can happen to employees in any workplace, but job conditions may be more dangerous for those working around toxic materials and substances. One recent west coast case illustrates just how dangerous research labs can be due to toxic and dangerous chemicals and what can happen when safety is not a priority.

Serious workplace injury case an example for Colorado workers

Construction sites present dangers that most other Colorado workplaces do not. Heavy machinery, tedious spaces and perilous heights can all contribute to workplace injury. One such construction accident in July is a prime example of these dangers. The accident occurred at the site of a university dormitory and left a west coast family reeling as they came close to losing a loved one.

Report reveals details of deadly crane accident

A recent report issued by an out-of-state sheriff's department has shed some light on the cause of a deadly construction accident. Crane accidents have received a great deal of media attention in Colorado and across the country. According to witnesses, a recent incident that killed one man and left another in serious condition was either due to the crane lowering a heavy object too quickly or adjusting the crane while a concrete span was being put into place. Nevertheless, the exact cause of the work injury has not been officially established.