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Serious workplace injury case an example for Colorado workers

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2012 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Construction sites present dangers that most other Colorado workplaces do not. Heavy machinery, tedious spaces and perilous heights can all contribute to workplace injury. One such construction accident in July is a prime example of these dangers. The accident occurred at the site of a university dormitory and left a west coast family reeling as they came close to losing a loved one.

According to reports, a man was operating an excavator which was being used to demolish a dormitory building. As the excavator pulled down a wall, a piece of concrete larger than expected fell crushed the excavator and trapped the man inside. The man’s sons both worked the same construction site and were present immediately following the accident. One reported that the scene was reminiscent of a pancake.

The man trapped was still breathing and rescue crews were able to cut him free after 90 minutes. The family believes that the bullet proof glass on the excavator is what saved him. Though he survived, he is being treated for a fractured neck, spine and knee, as well as bruising to his brain. The accident, which occurred at the University of Washington, is under investigation by state authorities. Construction site accidents can occur in any state, including Colorado, on any job site.

The workplace injury that often results from these accidents can be devastating and life changing. This family will now face the long road to recovery, as the father struggles to heal from his severe injuries. Colorado provides protection for employees and their families in cases such as this through workers’ compensation benefits. In emotionally draining and difficult situations such as this family is facing, filling out paperwork and navigating claims may be daunting tasks, which is why they may find assurance in the knowledge that help is available to them.

Source: komonews.com, “Son of UW construction worker: ‘I thought I lost my Dad’,” Denise Whitaker, July 24, 2012

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