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May 2012 Archives

Construction accident leaves 1 dead, 2 injured in Boulder

A Colorado construction worker was involved in an on-the-job and eventually died as a result of the injuries suffered when he was pinned beneath a fallen beam on Tuesday, May 8. According to witnesses, the construction accident occurred when the man was standing on the steel beam. It began shifting. The witnesses then watched him fall to the ground below. The beam then followed, pinning him to the ground. Construction workers were able to use a crane to remove the beam from the pinned man, but the damage had already been done. Doctors pronounced the man dead at the hospital later that day.

STUDY: OSHA inspections reduce on-the-job injury

Colorado has yet to be party to the study, but recent data in other areas shows that government inspections may help reduce on-the-job injury. For many businesses, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and their industry safety regulations are considered job killers and expensive. In a recent study report released May 18, 409 businesses in another state were randomly inspected, and 409 similar businesses were not.

Outdoor workers: Safety tips to avoid on-the-job injury

As spring and summer roll in, a lot of workers inevitably head outdoors. Colorado workers in professions such as construction, landscaping, and roofing may be at risk for on-the-job injury if safety measures aren't practiced carefully.

Employee with electrical association injured in Colorado

Recently, a Colorado employee with the Morgan County Rural Electrical Association was injured on the job. He suffered physical injury after working on overhead electrical lines, although the extent of those injuries was not available. Emergency responders transported the employee to North Colorado Medical Center, where he is undergoing treatment.

Prevent construction injuries: Pay attention to work zones

Construction accidents, whether it is collapsed scaffolding, defective equipment or construction explosions, are intrinsically perilous. Companies are responsible for their employees while they are on the clock, which means they need to ensure each construction worker has the necessary protection gear while ensuring that the workplace setting is as safe as possible. Regardless, construction injuries still occur. This is exactly why Colorado has made a memorial dedicated to those highway workers killed in work zones and urges motorists to stay safe on the road.