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Employee with electrical association injured in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 10, 2012 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

Recently, a Colorado employee with the Morgan County Rural Electrical Association was injured on the job. He suffered physical injury after working on overhead electrical lines, although the extent of those injuries was not available. Emergency responders transported the employee to North Colorado Medical Center, where he is undergoing treatment.

Reportedly, the workplace accident happened on May 1 near Brush, Colorado. Officials with the Rural Electrical Association have said that they are looking into the matter to determine not only what happened, but the nature of the incident as well. At this time, though, they are not releasing more information, including the identity of the injured employee.

In this case, the employee may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The benefits are typically available regardless of fault, meaning that no matter how the accident happened, he or she may nonetheless still be eligible to receive them. Hopefully, though, an investigation into the accident will reveal that as with so many workplace incidents, this was just an accident.

In applying for workers’ compensation benefits, it is important to gather all necessary documents, which would include the outcome of the investigation in this matter. These documents are needed to determine whether or not the injury arose out of the course of employment. For example, a physical injury received on the job but due to an unrelated activity may not necessarily qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. In this case, though, the employee was injured while doing repair work on overhead electrical lines, which would have been a key job function.

Source: Brush News-Tribune, “Morgan County REA lineman injured near Brush,” May 3, 2012

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