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Falling stone causes worker to suffer fatal workplace injury

Some fields of employment may come with a certain level of risk, such as those that involve working in close proximity to heavy materials. Companies in Colorado and elsewhere that work with stone are required to train employees on proper safety procedures, but preventing every accident could be challenging. A 21-year-old man has recently suffered a fatal workplace injury after he was crushed by a slab of granite.

According to reports, the man was working for a marble and granite company in another state when a large portion of granite suddenly fell on top of him. Emergency officials arrived at the scene to find the man underneath the slab, and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Another person was also injured in the process and taken to a medical facility, but is apparently listed in stable condition.

Construction accident claims life of man crushed by counterweight

Construction workers in Colorado and across the country work in and around hazardous environments and equipment every day. With the presence of heavy machinery and materials, the risk of injury is ever-present should an accident occur. A 55-year-old man was killed in a recent construction accident in another state, after reportedly being crushed by a counterweight.

The incident occurred on a recent Thursday morning inside the building of a construction company that specializes in heavy machinery. At some point during his shift, a counterweight for a construction vehicle fell on top of him, pinning him underneath. Upon arrival, emergency responders assert that he was unconscious, and though they were able to free him, he was unfortunately pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Fatal workplace injury after heavy-duty tire explodes

Heavy-duty machinery is used on many job sites in Colorado and across the country to assist in moving materials and clearing work spaces. These vehicles are generally of greater size and weight, and can place a great deal of pressure on tires, which may increase the chances of a blowout. A 45-year-old man recently suffered a fatal workplace injury in another state after the tire on a similar vehicle suddenly exploded.

The incident reportedly took place around 2 p.m. when the man and several others were operating a front-end loader and moving discarded materials. Suddenly, one of the tires on the vehicle reportedly exploded, seriously injuring the man in the process. Emergency responders arrived quickly and attempted to treat him; unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter.

Hazardous equipment: Faulty elevator apparatus injures 5

In construction sites in Colorado and elsewhere, companies may employ temporary measures to transport workers and materials from floor to floor. While in many cases these are erected with utmost caution, should any issues arise, hazardous equipment can pose a serious threat to the health of a worker. A recent accident under similar circumstances at a construction site in another state has reportedly led to the injuries for five workers.

The incident was reportedly in connection with an elevator shaft erected on the side of a building under construction. While lifting workers to a higher floor, the apparatus apparently failed and came crashing down. There were 11 individuals inside the elevator at the time, five of which were transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

Lack of sleep could raise the risk of a serious workplace injury

There are many circumstances in which a dangerous workplace accident might occur. Although each job might include its own hazards, there are a few concerns that may be universal, such as tiredness and/or fatigue on the job. Recent studies even suggest that individuals in Colorado and elsewhere who work while sleepy are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident, and subsequently suffering a workplace injury.

According to studies, those who work while tired are up to 70 percent more likely to be involved in an accident than others. Among those surveyed in the study, over 40 percent claim they have experienced fatigue at work in relation to a lack of sleep. This is alarming in numerous ways, perhaps especially since a sleepy worker can exhibit many of the same behaviors as one who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Construction accident claims life after roof truss collapses

The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is something that no family should have to bear. Unfortunately, many families in Colorado and elsewhere have been forced to experience such a tragedy following a dangerous workplace accident. A man died following a recent construction accident in another state after a roof truss reportedly collapsed.

The accident reportedly took place just before noon on a recent Tuesday, when a man who was working at the construction site was suddenly struck by a beam. Although emergency responders were called out, the man was unfortunately pronounced dead on the scene. According to initial investigations, a collapse in the roof truss at the location was a contributing factor in the accident.

Man crushed by rock and building in fatal construction accident

A man has reportedly passed away at the construction site of a library that is undergoing renovation in another state. Construction workers in Colorado and elsewhere who operate on similar projects often face numerous hazards on the job, especially in the presence of heavy materials and machinery. Losing a loved one in a fatal construction accident is something no family should have to face, but unfortunately, many individuals have been left to grieve under similar circumstances throughout the years.

The incident reportedly took place at the construction site of a major renovation of a public library. The man, who was apparently in his 30s, was working around the foundation of the building when a rock suddenly broke loose and struck him. According to investigators, the man was crushed by a portion of the building, and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Training and focus may help reduce risk of occupational injuries

Companies in Colorado and various parts of the United States are constantly reviewing and revising safety procedures in an attempt to reduce the risks of workplace accidents. Occupational injuries are a serious concern for companies and employees alike. According to recent studies, the risk of accidents at work might be lessened by increasing awareness and focus, especially when performing manual labor.

According to the study, a person might spend as much as 47 percent of his or her time focusing on something other than the task at hand. If one's mind is on other things while performing a job, the risk of accidents and injuries inherently increases. With the high cost of medical expenses, many workers might wish to avoid a potential disaster, and the study suggests that the key to this goal may lie in training.

Pursuing financial relief though workers' compensation insurance

Countless individuals in Colorado and across the country have suffered serious injuries while on the job, many of which can be challenging to overcome. Along with a great deal of pain and suffering, occupational injuries may create various financial hardships as well. Those who experience similar struggles may often need financial relief, but they might be uncertain about the available benefits, such as workers' compensation.

The law generally requires a company to carry workers' compensation insurance to provide for individuals who are injured in a work-related accident. However, there may be certain limitations concerning coverage. For example, an employee may be denied compensation should the injuries be self-inflicted, or if his or her actions were in violation of certain policies or laws.

1 pinned under collapsed wall in recent construction accident

Construction companies in Colorado and across the country operate under a long list of regulations. Any violation can lead to disastrous consequences. These statutes are in place to increase worker safety and reduce the chances of a dangerous workplace incident. An investigation is currently underway to determine if there were any violations in relation to a recent construction accident in which a man became pinned under a collapsed wall.

At around 10:30 a.m. on a recent Monday, a 35-year-old man suddenly became trapped underneath part of a wall that collapsed at the construction site of a local residence. Upon arrival, emergency responders assert that they were not immediately able to rescue the man on account of an excavator that was leaning on a nearby slope. After securing the excavator, they were able to remove the man from beneath the wall and subsequently airlifted him to a medical facility.