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Falling objects: 1 dies after being struck by piece of metal

Construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere are constantly transporting and delivering materials to a variety of locations at a job site. With many of these materials being lifted to floors above the ground, those who work below face the risk of being struck by falling objects, especially if a load isn't properly secured. A recent construction accident in another state led to the death of a 56-year-old man who was reportedly struck by a piece of sheet metal that fell from above.

According to reports, the incident took place just after 2 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. A pipe fitter was working on a renovation project at a local university when a piece of sheet metal suddenly fell from the building and struck him. Emergency responders arrived at the scene shortly after being notified, and although they attempted to treat him, he was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

Social Security disability: Providing information re work history

For individuals in Colorado and elsewhere with disabilities, maintaining employment can be challenging at best. Those who suffer from debilitating medical conditions could be eligible for aid through Social Security Disability Insurance, but applying for benefits can be a stressful and intimidating process. When seeking relief through similar outlets, gaining an understanding of what to expect, as well as what types of information may be required, could prove invaluable.

When entering a similar process, one may feel the most important step is to provide a full and accurate account of all medical treatment associated with his or her condition. While this information could be essential to determining the severity of the disability, it may only be part of what is necessary to the process. Another area that is taken into account in the determination of benefits pertains to a person's work history.

1 dead following slip-and-fall accident at power plant

Many businesses in Colorado and across the country put a great deal of effort into reducing the chances of an accident in the workplace. However, even with numerous safety precautions and procedures in place, preventing every incident could prove challenging, especially when employees are required to perform in and around unstable environments. A recent slip-and-fall accident at a job site in another state resulted in the death of a 36-year-old contractor.

According to reports, the man was a contractor for an engineering consulting firm who was working at a power plant in the area. While on the jobsite on a recent Thursday, officials say the man slipped and fell into a nearby coal ash pond. As of the next day, his body had yet to be recovered, and they claim it could take several days to do so due to an instability in the surrounding area, which would reportedly make any attempt at recovery dangerous.

Construction accident: 3 incidents leave 2 dead, 1 injured

Individuals in Colorado and elsewhere who work in the construction business may face numerous hazards while on a job site. There are numerous circumstances in which a construction accident might occur, such as a fall from heights or a collapse in the ground. Two individuals died, and another was injured, following three construction-related incidents that took place over a recent three-day period.

The first incident occurred at a construction site in Colorado as a worker was repairing a lift that was being used to work on a bridge. The machine was leaning off the side of the road, and after sliding further off the edge, the man was suddenly ejected from the basket of the lift. He fell nearly 40 feet to the ground and landed on a survey stick. He was airlifted to the hospital soon thereafter, but was unfortunately pronounced dead later on.

Social Security disability claims can be subject to review

Many individuals in Colorado and elsewhere have medical conditions that hinder their ability to maintain gainful employment. Those who face similar circumstances could be eligible for aid through Social Security Disability Insurance, and receiving an approval for benefits could relieve a great deal of one's stress. However, each claim could be subject to review over time, and if it is determined that an individual can work, his or her benefits may be taken away.

Five years after being granted aid through Social Security Disability Insurance, a woman in another state has received notification that her benefits will be ending. According to the letter, a review of her case determined that she was well enough to work. However, she says that the information used in the review was outdated, and that she was never contacted throughout the process.

Forklift accidents: Collapse in machine injures 1, kills another

One man has been injured and another killed after falling 35 feet due to a collapse in a forklift cage at a construction site. Forklift accidents of this nature can be extremely dangerous, and falls from heights continue to be one of the most significant concerns for construction workers in Colorado and across the country. Even with the added security of safety harnesses, if a machine breaks down while workers are in the air, their health could be at risk.

The incident reportedly occurred on a recent Thursday as two men were performing construction on a skyscraper in another state. They were operating a forklift cage about 35 feet in the air when it suddenly collapsed, sending them both to the ground. One of the individuals was rushed to the hospital soon thereafter for treatment of injuries to the head and body, while the other was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene.

3 injured in construction accident after scaffolding breaks

Individuals in Colorado and elsewhere use scaffolding in a variety of professions. While these temporary structures allow a worker to operate at heights that would otherwise be unreachable, they may also be somewhat hazardous, especially if not properly maintained. Three workers were injured in a recent construction accident after the scaffolding they were on suddenly broke, sending them all to the ground.

According to reports, the incident took place on the construction site of a new barn on a recent Monday morning. Three individuals were using scaffolding to perform work about 12 feet off the ground, when the structure suddenly broke, causing all three to fall onto the concrete floor beneath them. All three were transported to the hospital, and while two of them have been released, the other has apparently been transferred to another hospital for additional treatment.

Social Security disability: Seeking guidance in the process

Certain changes in circumstance can have a significant impact on a person's ability to perform daily tasks. For those who have a disability that makes it difficult to maintain gainful employment, benefits could be available. However, pursuing benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance can be a stressful and daunting process, and many individuals in Colorado may find it advisable to seek assistance in the application process, or during an appeal.

While the intent of these benefits is to provide assistance to individuals who suffer from a disability, one's condition must meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible to receive aid. It must be severe enough to prevent an individual from maintaining a certain level of employment, and the condition must also be expected to last greater than a year. The application process may also require a person to submit a list of all medical treatment associated with the condition, and failure to do so could result in a denial of benefits.

Construction accident involving grader claims man's life

Construction sites in Colorado and elsewhere can be busy areas with numerous groups working on separate projects all at once. With numerous heavy machines and hazards all around, communication and awareness may be key in preventing a dangerous accident. A 38-year-old man was recently killed in a construction accident after another worker reportedly struck him while driving a grader.

The construction worker was reportedly installing gas lines at the site on a recent Saturday evening when he was suddenly struck by grader, which is a heavy duty machine that is used to flatten surfaces. The worker was apparently crouched down at the time, and the driver of the grader may not have seen him. Although the machine didn't run him over completely, the initial impact caused him to suffer a head injury.

Man suffers traumatic workplace injury on 5th floor of building

When an individual in Colorado or elsewhere is injured on the job, the response time for treatment could make a significant difference in the outcome of the situation. However, with many workers operating in areas that are difficult to reach, those who suffer a serious workplace injury may be forced to wait to receive care. A man in another state was recently injured on the fifth floor of a construction project, causing emergency responders to have difficulty extracting him from the building.

According to reports, officials were notified of the injury on a recent Tuesday morning. The man was reportedly operating on the fifth floor of the building at the time, and upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders began to experience certain hardships in extracting the man from the building due to inactive elevators. They were eventually able to place him on a stretcher and rush him to a local hospital for treatment for a traumatic injury.