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Can this app help avoid a heat-related workplace injury?

Even here in Colorado, the heat can get unbearable. If an individual works outdoors, he or she could suffer from a heat-related illness. One way that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health are working to help workers avoid this particular workplace injury is through the creation and update of a heat safety app for smartphones.

Outdoor workers no longer need to rely only on their employers to know when conditions are reaching a boiling point. In addition to the fresh and clean water, shade and heat stress training, among other things, that OSHA requires from employers with outdoor employees, this mobile app could help managers, supervisors and workers when the heat rises. Of course, the app does not relieve employers of their duty to adhere to the guidelines set forth by OSHA and other federal and state agencies.

What conditions does Social Security Disability Insurance cover?

Many Colorado residents suffer from medical conditions that prevent them from finding gainful employment. They may wonder whether they can receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to help pay the bills. First, a determination needs to be made regarding whether a particular individual suffers from a medical condition that qualifies for such benefits.

Varieties of conditions fall under those that would qualify a Colorado resident for benefits. For example, suffering from a back, joint or bone condition may meet the requirements. Cardiovascular conditions, respiratory conditions and gastrointestinal issues are also covered. Those who suffer from immune system disorders, blood disorders or neurological disorders, along with mental disorders, could also qualify.

Reasons a Social Security disability claim might be denied

There are countless circumstances that might cause a person in Colorado or elsewhere to become unable to maintain gainful employment. Although there is help available, applying for Social Security disability can be stressful and intimidating. In some cases, a claim may also be denied, perhaps leaving a disabled individual to wonder what happened, and how to proceed.

There are numerous reasons that a claim might get denied. For instance, perhaps it is believed that a person is able to make enough money on his or her own or that the disability might only last up to a year. Incomes and extent of health conditions are two important factors in the process, and a person may have to prove his or herself incapable of sustaining gainful employment before a claim is approved.

Extremitites plus machinery can equal serious workplace injury

The safety of employees should be one of the most important factors for companies in Colorado and across the country. Unfortunately, companies may often focus on production rates that can lead to overly demanding schedules for employees. An employee who performs tasks in a rush could be at a higher risk of suffering a serious workplace injury. A woman in another state has been hospitalized after a recent accident at work in which her hand was trapped in manufacturing equipment.

According to reports, the woman was seriously injured in the incident, after her hand got caught up in machinery on a recent Thursday morning. Upon arrival, emergency responders worked for almost 20 minutes to free the woman from the machine. They were reportedly forced to apply a tourniquet to her arm to stem the bleeding, and she was rushed to a hospital for treatment once freed.

Man struck by ruptured valve in fatal construction accident

Construction companies in Colorado and across the country typically consider the safety of employees to be of the utmost importance. There are numerous laws and regulations in place to reduce the chances of a dangerous construction accident, many of which involve safety gear and procedures. Unfortunately, protecting an employee from other potential risks, such as defective or faulty equipment, could be significantly more challenging.

A recent accident took place at a construction site in another state, when a valve suddenly ruptured and hit a man in the chest. The man was apparently performing work for a drilling company when the 2-inch hose struck him. He was subsequently thrown from a platform and reportedly rendered unconscious. Medical responders were called to the scene, but the man unfortunately died shortly after the incident.

Construction accident involving partial collapse injures several

Part of a building that was under construction in another state recently collapsed while workers were on site. Around 20 workers reportedly fell from nearby scaffolding, and several of the workers were treated at a local hospital. A construction accident of this nature can be disastrous, and many workers in Colorado and across the country have suffered severe injuries or worse in similar incidents over the years.

Workers were reportedly pouring wet concrete on the second floor of the construction site of a parking garage when part of a nearby structure suddenly collapsed around them. Emergency responders noted that several individuals were left hanging from scaffolding following the collapse, while others were struggling to break free from wet concrete below. Fortunately, no one was caught beneath the collapse, and the highest fall listed was only around 10 to 15 feet.

Seeking financial relief when injured at work in Colorado

While certain jobs may be inherently more dangerous than others, there are certain risk factors that might be present regardless of profession. These risks pose a threat to the health of countless individuals in Colorado and across the country. Those who wish to avoid being injured at work might wonder what types of accidents are more common than others, and learn about ways to reduce or prevent them from taking place.

No matter what field a person works in, injuries to muscles can hinder one's ability to perform normal daily activities. Constantly lifting objects of any weight and shifting around repetitively can cause pain in various areas of the body, such as the neck and/or back. These injuries can be challenging to overcome, but studies suggest that proper training can go a long way in preventing them from occurring in the first place.

Assistance in pursuing compensation for occupational injuries

There are countless circumstances in which a work-related accident can occur. Whether on account of the negligence of an employee or employer in Colorado, defective equipment or simply just an accident, each incident has the potential to cause serious injury. Occupational injuries can be severe, though in certain scenarios they could be completely avoidable if the proper precautions are taken.

Studies from a previous period placed causes for injuries under two common categories, conditions and acts. Unsafe conditions have led to many accidents on the job site, and should be addressed accordingly to prevent further incident. Unsafe acts, however, are responsible for almost 90 percent of these incidents, according to this study, and although a significant amount of time has passed since it took place, these incidents continue to be an issue.

1 injured, 1 dead after fall-related construction accident

With the ever-increasing number of buildings in many cities in Colorado and across the country, the amount of space to place others may be limited. Since space can be an issue, companies may choose to go higher instead of longer. Although advancements in structural integrity might make these building safe, the individuals who erect them are often required to operate at great heights in the process. A recent construction accident left one worker with serious injuries, while another lost his life, after a three-story fall.

According to reports, the men were operating out of a third-story window at the construction site of an apartment complex. A lift was apparently hoisting a crate up to the window, where the men were unloading materials. At some point, the men were outside the window working from the crate when it suddenly fell, pulling them to the ground with it. One man survived the fall but was injured in the process, while the other was pronounced dead on-site.

Seeking Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions

Individuals in Colorado who suffer from mental conditions often find it challenging to perform certain tasks on a regular basis. An inability to maintain certain tasks, such as employment, can create various difficulties in life. For those who are struggling to get by on account of a debilitating condition, they may choose to apply for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions.

Disability benefits are available for many individuals who are unable to maintain gainful employment due to a variety of mental impairments. These can include anything from schizophrenia and autism to depression and anxiety. Although these may be some of the most common conditions, there are a multitude of disorders that might make a person eligible to receive benefits.