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Young worker recovers from on-the-job brain injury in Colorado

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Firm News, workers' compensation disability

Workers can suffer serious injuries on the job in Colorado including serious brain injuries that can be suffered in construction accidents or other types of accidents as well. A construction accident on the Front Range left a young man’s promising college hopes at risk after he suffered a traumatic brain injury during his summer construction job. The high school graduate was preparing to attend college at a local school in the fall when he was seriously injured while at his roofing job.

The young man was injured in the workplace accident while removing some of the old roofing from the job site. As he was removing old roofing, some of it came free and caused him to fall 30 feet onto the concrete below. The victim had to receive medical treatment for several weeks following the construction accident and suffered broken bones, contusions and a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can rob a victim of the life they previously knew.

Workers’ compensation disability benefits are one type of protection to help injured workers who have suffered a workplace injury or illness. Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers with their medical expenses and the wages they are unable to earn during what can sometimes be a long recovery process and painful journey for them to endure following a workplace accident. Victims of brain injuries can be forced to learn to walk and talk again; rediscover their personality and emotional stability; and re-establish relationships with their closest friends, family and loved ones.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers with their everyday needs as they recover. The victim speaks today in support of workplace safety and was able to attend college following his recovery process.

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