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Appeals options for SSD applications that are denied

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | Firm News, Social Security Disability

Many Social Security Disability applications are initially denied, which is why applicants should be familiar with the appeals process. There are several levels of appeals available when an application for Social Security Disability benefits has been turned down, and disabled individuals seeking benefits should be familiar with each.

The initial level of the appeals process is a request for reconsideration. During the request for reconsideration process, a new reviewer, other than the person who originally reviewed the application, will review it so that a fresh set of eyes evaluates it. If the claim remains denied, the next level of appeal is a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is important to make sure the applicant is prepared for the hearing beforehand.

Also, having organized, detailed and thorough medical records is important for both the initial application and for every level of appeal. Additional medical records may also be requested. The next level of appeal is a review by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council. If the application is still denied following all three previous levels of appeal, it may be possible to appeal to the federal courts.

There is a lot to know about both the application and appeals process, and there are also importasnt timelines associated with the appeals process to be aware of. Overall, there are many options for Social Security Disability appeals that disabled individuals and their families need to be familiar with if they are pursuing an application for benefits. Getting the right information is crucial.

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