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Your social media posts could hurt your workers’ comp claim

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Firm News

Construction is a well-paying job, but it comes with significant safety risks. From falling objects to falling off scaffolding, dangerous hazards are simply part of the gig.

If you get injured on the jobsite, you should be careful what you post on Facebook while you’re on the mend. Learn how your social media posts can be used as evidence against you in a workers’ comp case.

Resist the temptation to post

For many people, it is almost a reflex to pull out their phones and post on social media when anything noteworthy happens. However, if you have a pending workers’ compensation claim, you need to be very careful  about what you upload online. While well-wishes on Instagram from your friends may be enticing, you should think of how your social media page can affect your future in the long-term. Here are some reasons why.

Your posts can be held against you

In a workers’ compensation case, insurance companies and private investigators are on the lookout for evidence they can use in court. Photos can be used to try and make you appear dishonest or to show that you are exaggerating your injuries. A harmless shot of you smiling can be misconstrued in court that you aren’t actually suffering from pain. Avoid giving your opposition any legal ammunition:

  • Eating out instead of resting at home
  • Working on a home improvement project
  • Playing with the dog or kids
  • Going for a run or a bike ride

Think before you post

Every time you consider posting to a social media account, ask yourself a question: Is it really worth it? Your financial and medical well-being may be at stake. A seemingly innocent social media post can destroy your legal credibility and drastically affect the outcome of your claim. Keep the big picture in mind and the photos off your feed.

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