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Pesticide exposure causes occupational injuries in farm workers

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

As in many other industries, employees of farms in Colorado and other states have to face life-threatening hazards on a daily basis. Not only can farm workers suffer occupational injuries caused by exposure to the dangers posed by the equipment they use, but they can also be exposed to dangerous chemicals that form part of the farming industry. It was recently reported that approximately 60 workers on a farm in another state suffered the consequences of pesticide exposure.

A spokesperson for the fire department said the group of employees who was affected included some teenagers. The workers apparently noticed the effects on the day after the fields were sprayed with pesticide. The fire department report indicated that the workers were sent into the fields too soon after the spraying of the dangerous chemical.

A decontamination tent was set up at a nearby farm house, and the affected workers were treated with soap and water before they were sent home. The prompt reporting of the skin irritations and the speedy treatment might be the reason none of the workers needed to be hospitalized. However, the consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals can appear later and may require medical treatment.

Workers in Colorado and other states who are suffering the effects of occupational injuries are entitled to file benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance system of the state. Proving that the after effects of chemical exposure were work related after the lapse of time may be difficult. For this reason, some victims choose to retain the services of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to pursue compensation on their behalves.

Source: farmforum.net, “Illinois farm workers treated for pesticide exposure”, July 21, 2016

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