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June 2016 Archives

Workplace injury: Nail technicians face multiple safety hazards

Workers in Colorado -- regardless of the industry in which they are employed -- have to face safety hazards on a daily basis. Many people who frequent nail salons may not realize the hazards that nail technicians face while performing manicures, pedicures and artificial nail applications. A serious workplace injury or illness can be suffered by a worker who is not appropriately protected.

Chemical exposure causes occupational injuries to hotel worker

Any workplace environment at which chemicals are used can be hazardous. Company owners in Colorado and elsewhere must never be complacent about chemical exposure because even minimal exposure can cause severe occupational injuries. It is also important for proper protocols to be in place for the storage of chemicals. Employees who handle chemicals must be trained both in the proper use of those chemicals and the safety precautions to be taken in the case of exposure. A chemical exposure incident occurred at a hotel in another state on a recent Tuesday morning.

Fall from ladder causes severe workplace injury

Workers in almost all industries in Colorado and other states are exposed to fall hazards. Workplace injuries caused by falls constitute a significant percentage of violations for which federal authorities cite companies, and still yet workers are sent to work at heights without fall protection. One such workplace injury is currently under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Electric shock kills contract worker on boom truck

Owners of Colorado companies that operate equipment such as boom trucks must assess the safety of the work areas before allowing vehicle activity. Whenever overhead power lines are present on work sites, extra care must be taken to avoid contact with them. A contracted worker in another state lost his life last month when he suffered a fatal electric shock.