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March 2016 Archives

Fatal workplace injury: Hotel worker trapped in walk-in freezer

Seeing a loved one go to work never to return is a devastating situation, and yet, that is sometimes the fate of families in Colorado and other states. As with any other fatal workplace injury, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be investigating the recent death of a hotel employee in another state. It appears a 61-year-old woman somehow got herself trapped in the walk-in freezer at the hotel.

OSHA's workplace injury report regulation proves to be successful

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says its regulation for employers to report severe workplace injuries within 24 hours has resulted in safer work environments for thousands of workers nationwide, including here in Colorado. The rule came into effect on Jan. 1 of last year, not affecting the existing law that fatalities must be reported within eight hours. A severe workplace injury is one that requires hospitalization, the loss of an eye or an amputation.

Man suffers fatal workplace injury when crushed by dump truck

Colorado employees who move about work areas in which large vehicles are operated are exposed to many hazards. Whenever a worker is struck by a big rig or a piece of mechanized equipment, the workplace injury caused can be catastrophic or even fatal. An accident at a landfill in another state recently caused the death of a worker.

Construction accident kills worker distracted by his cell phone

While distracted driving is a major problem on roads nationwide, including here in Colorado, mobile device distraction has been identified as the cause of many accidents on construction sites. A recent death of a worker in a construction accident in another state has raised the concerns about distracted employees. Construction zones pose multiple safety hazards, and the added dangers brought about by the use of mobile phones on the job can cause higher numbers of fatalities and catastrophic injuries.

Workplace injury: Worker survives only 1 week after ladder fall

Ladder falls account for a significant part of workplace accident statistics nationwide, including in Colorado. The height of a ladder and the distance of the fall often impact the severity of such a workplace injury. However, it is not uncommon for a fall from the third or fourth step of a ladder to have devastating consequences.