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Denied claims for workers’ compensation payback may be challenged

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2015 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Colorado workers who have suffered workplace injuries may suffer anxiety due to financial challenges following the accident. In addition to mounting medical bills, the lack of income during the recuperation area may be distressing. In the event of denied claims, injured workers may challenge the decision of the insurer, but this will likely need the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Claims may be denied for several reasons, including the insurer’s suspicion that the injury is nonexistent or was not suffered in the course of duty. Other reasons may include a determination that the injury was minor and did not justify an absence from work, or that the injury was caused by a pre-existing condition. The insurer may want to conduct an investigation to get clarity about the accident, or more supporting information may be required.

Regardless of the motive for declining the claim, time is of the essence, as there will be no income during this time. In addition, the worker will be responsible for settling medical bills and may have to use his or her personal medical insurance to do this. However, all is not lost, and timely consultation with an attorney who aims to assist injured workers may resolve the issues.

An experienced Colorado workers’ compensation attorney will assess the circumstances of the accident and the injuries. If the claim is viable, and within the ruling time limit, the denial by the insurer may be challenged. By utilizing his or her experience in challenging denied claims, a lawyer will endeavor to obtain fair compensation for medical expenses and lost wages on appeal.

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