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Propane explosion leads to workplace injury for several

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Many jobs in this country carry a possible risk of injury or even death. Workplace injury is probably not the goal for any employee at any time. When the unexpected does happen, it can cause serious injuries or result in a permanent disability. Many workers in Colorado, like all other states, do have a potential insurance benefit that can help with medical expenses and lost wages.

Recently in Florida, there was an explosion at a propane supply facility. It happened on the late shift. Approximately two dozen workers were scheduled to work that evening, about half of the workforce. Several workers were at first unaccounted for, but in spite of the size of the incident, none are believed to have been killed in the explosions that occurred one after the other.

There were reports that four employees had sustained possibly life-threatening injuries. Some of the less severely injured of the workers supposedly provided their own transportation to medical centers. All of the ones who suffered serious wounds may be out of work for weeks or longer. No details had yet been publicly released concerning the severity of the injuries that the employees suffered.

This explosion has brought a great deal of pain and suffering to many employees and their families. The ones who have been injured will most likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This program is designed to help pay for medical treatment and help make up for possibly lost wages that are a result of a workplace injury. Workers in Colorado do have the right to file for coverage in the event that they are hurt at work. Anyone who has questions about how to seek coverage or may be experiencing a problem concerning a claim may benefit from seeking out additional information from available resources.

Source: npr.org, “Workers Injured In Blasts At Florida Gas Plant,” July 30, 2013

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