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Teacher denied claims for injury; fired for protesting

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Teachers are entrusted with the great task of educating and forming the minds of our nation’s young people. This important work often carries with it the respect of parents and fellow educators. However, one teacher who is claiming a fall at work led to her being denied benefits for workers’ compensation possibly does not feel respected by her former employers. After she was denied her claim, she alleges she was wrongfully terminated for fighting that decision. While this teacher lives and worked in another state, workers in Colorado may benefit from following this case.

The teacher in the middle of this fight for benefits worked in a private school. She alleges that several months ago, she slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated on a section of pavement on school property. The woman claims that she suffered serious injuries and that she had to be admitted to a local hospital.

According to the teacher, when she filed a claim for workers’ compensation, her employer denied the claim without giving a valid reason for the denial. The woman further claims that when she fought against the denial, she was let go without just cause. This woman also states that she had a school employment record free of any type of disciplinary actions against her.

The teacher alleges that her employer, a private school, denied claims that she filed for workers’ compensation in regards to an injury she suffered on the job. Workers’ compensation is a government regulated insurance program that helps to ensure that workers are given monetary support when a work-related accident prevents them from performing their work duties. Workers’ compensation is available in every state including Colorado and workers do have an appeal process available to them to fight against any denied claims from their employer.

Source: mycentraljersey.com, “Franklin private school sued by ex-teacher claiming she fell on ice was denied workers’ comp got fired for complaining,” Mark Spivey, July 10, 2013

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