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Colorado workers’ compensation claims can help highway workers

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Many people in Colorado are aware that construction jobs can be very dangerous for those who work to build the infrastructure of our society. In fact, a recent report that may be of interest to our readers details many accidents that occurred on construction sites over the past year. Some of these injured workers may have found it necessary to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits due to the severity of their injuries.

In one case that may be familiar to Colorado readers, a man was working on a highway construction site when he was struck by a car. The man was placing cones on the pavement to close a lane when the fatal incident happened. Now his family is left to try to recover emotionally from the incident while working to make financial ends meet. Because of the law, the surviving family is likely entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits to help compensate for their horrific loss.

In another tragic example of the danger of construction highway work, two highway workers were killed when a car accident occurred in a work zone where they were on the job. It is unclear why the cars collided in the work zone, though they struck the two workers. In that case, surviving families may also seek benefits that can help as they work through the damage caused by the incident.

Employees working on construction sites are understandably vigilant in their efforts to protect themselves. However, in some cases, unfortunate accidents occur. When that happens, the worker who suffers injury – or their surviving family if they are killed – can file for workers’ compensation benefits that are designed to cover necessary expenses and provide a lost income package.

Source: nbclosangeles.com, “Driver Arrested, Freeway Worker Injured in Riverside Hit-and-Run Crash,” Jonathan Lloyd and Annette Arreola, Jan. 15, 2013

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