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Workers injured on the job may be able to make claim in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2012 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Readers in Colorado may be interested to learn about an accident that occurred in another state recently. In that case, two highway workers were injured on the job as they drove a transportation department truck down a highway. The men had to be taken to local hospitals for medical treatments for their injuries.

According to a report, the men were in two transportation trucks that were struck from behind by a tractor-trailer truck. It appears that the semi-truck driver drove his vehicle into closed lanes of a local interstate highway. As he did, he crashed his large truck into several other vehicles, including the ones being driven by the workers.

Police are investigating just what happened to cause the truck driver to hit the workers vehicles and others. However, as they do, the workers who suffered injuries must begin to recover from the physical effects of their injuries. This recovery could cause them to make a claim to the workers’ compensation program for their state due to being injured on the job.

Though the injuries to the workers in this case were described as minor, they did require hospital treatment as a result of the crash. Because they were working when the accident happened, the injured workers may find that they can make a claim to workers’ compensation that will assist them with the financial damages caused by the incident. The program is intended to assist those who are injured on the job with making ends meet as they work to return to their normal work duties. When a person in Colorado finds that they are in a situation similar to the men in this case, they may wish to consider such a claim for their injuries as well.

Source: wibc.com, “Highway Workers Injured in Work Zone,” Joe Ulery, Nov. 28 2012

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