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Do I Have To Do Light Duty Work?

Frequently an employee who has been injured on the job will have the physical capability to perform some lesser task or light duty. There are occasions when employers have limitations or restrictions in regards to light duty work, so it is important for employees to discuss the options of light duty work with their employers.

Many employers have light duty work programs. If the company offers light work accommodations, then the injured worker must perform this light work, if it is compatible with the work restrictions provided by the treating physician. Failure to do so may result in termination. If the employer is unable to offer you light work duty, the injured employee may be entitled to temporary disability benefits.

Light duty work can be an integral part of a worker’s compensation claim. If an injured worker is able to perform modified work, he or she will be able to earn a wage while recovering from the injury. However, if a worker is medically unable to perform the job, he or she is entitled to compensation.

There are instances where employers may refer an injured worker to an insurance provided directory for medical treatment. Often, the selected physician will state that the injured worker can perform light duty.

If you are concerned about your ability to perform light duty work, contact the experienced attorneys at Weddell & Haller.

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