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Colorado workers too often injured while working

Details currently remain few regarding a recent work-related accident that left one man in the hospital in another state. The man is said to have been on the job when the accident happened. Readers in Colorado may be able to relate to the man who was in his work-related truck when he was injured at work.

Construction accident can happen in Colorado

Many readers in Colorado know that working on a construction site can be a dangerous job. This is clear when one reads about the myriad of construction accident injury cases that people in our state and across the nation suffer each day. In fact, working on a construction site is what led to a serious arm injury for one man recently.

Those injured in Colorado may qualify for workers' compensation

A case that involves injured former football players from the NFL may be of interest to readers in Colorado. The players have recently filed suit in another state regarding their ability to make a claim for workers' compensation in that state. The players argue that they should not be precluded from making such a claim due to contractual terms. The lawsuit listed the Denver Broncos as one of the teams involved.

Wal-Mart violated Colorado Workers' Compensation Act

Many workers in Colorado know very well that it can be dangerous to work in some occupations. In addition, when those workers are injured on the job, there are sometimes restrictions governing their ability to seek medical care and insurance benefits offered by the workers' compensation program. This, some authorities recently argued, is against the intent of the laws governing workers rights.

Colorado workers' compensation benefit can last a lifetime

As many in Colorado are aware, the workers' compensation insurance program is intended to help workers who have been injured on the job. The benefits are intended to pay for the medical costs associated with the injury to the worker and also, in some cases, pay for the damages caused to the individual. Sometimes, workers' compensation benefit payments can involve Medicare Set Asides.

Anniversary of stage accident a reminder of festival dangers

As fall nears, many states (including Colorado) and counties will begin to host their annual fairs and festivals, drawing in the community for entertainment and fun. During this time, many workers will be exposed to large crowds, long work hours, stages and sets, and moving rides and games; all of which may cause injury if proper safety procedures are not utilized. This month marks the one year anniversary of a tragic accident that left dozens of people suffering from physical injury, and seven people dead.

Workplace accident at research lab watched closely in Colorado

Colorado employees may not be strangers to workplace safety initiatives, but they also likely know that accidents can occur at any time and to anyone. When a workplace accident does occur resulting in serious injuries or even death, families may feel overwhelmed and even devastated. A workplace injury can happen to employees in any workplace, but job conditions may be more dangerous for those working around toxic materials and substances. One recent west coast case illustrates just how dangerous research labs can be due to toxic and dangerous chemicals and what can happen when safety is not a priority.

Colorado workers' compensation benefit limits and maximums update

Colorado workers who are concerned about workplace safety may be interested to know that Colorado has released new rate maximums for certain benefits. Workers' compensation benefits are invaluable for workers who are injured on the job. Any type of injury that causes an individual to lose wages or incur medical expenses can be devastating for Colorado families.

Steps to help decrease Colorado workplace injury

June marked National Safety Month, something that no doubt puts workplace injury in the forefront of many people's minds. The U.S. Department of Labor statistics indicates that 13 people are killed in workplace accidents each day, while approximately four million Americans, including many Colorado workers, suffer significant injuries each year that may leave them with challenging circumstances for the rest of their lives. What's perhaps the most tragic thing about workplace injury is that in nearly every case, the accident precipitating the injury could have been avoided.

1 killed, 2 injured in Colorado work accident

A recent Colorado work accident ended with one fatality and two workers injured. The accident occurred early Monday morning close to Bayfield at BP's Pinon compressor station. BP is currently investigating the explosion. The extent of the injuries for the men injured at work is currently unknown.