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How does workers' compensation protect Colorado workers?

Work is a daily reality for most adults including those in Colorado which is why Colorado workers should be familiar with all the workplace protections available to them. Workers' compensation is a primary protection for Colorado workers injured on the job or suffering from an occupational illness so they should be familiar with the ways they are protected.

Two workers killed in workplace accident

Workers' compensation benefits are here for Colorado families when they need them following a workplace accident or fatal workplace accident. Two bodies were recently recovered in northern Colorado following a fatal workplace accident. The two workers were killed when a trench collapsed. The two victims were in their mid twenties and late forties. The fatal workplace accident occurred when the 15-foot trench gave way and buried the victims.

Workers' compensation benefits protect injured Colorado workers

Workers' compensation benefits can be vital for many injured workers and their families which is why injured workers and their families should be familiar with workers' compensation benefits available in Colorado. Workers' compensation disability benefits can help with workplace injuries and illnesses and help injured workers and their families with a difficult time.

Reporting a workplace injury in Colorado

Knowing what to do following a workplace accident is important for injured workers to be familiar with. Reporting a workplace injury is an important initial step in the process of seeking workers' compensation disability benefits many injured workers and their families may rely on.

How workers' compensation protects injured workers

Workers in Colorado should be familiar with their right to a safe workplace as well as their workers' compensation rights if they have been injured on the job. Employers are required to provide a safe workplace and are also required to pay for some type of workers' compensation insurance that their employees can access if they are injured in the job.

Workplace safety training being given in Spanish in Colorado

Workers in Colorado should have a safe workplace and one component of creating a safe workplace is ensuring the workers receive proper and appropriate safety training. One important aspect of ensuring proper and appropriate safety training to create a safe workplace is that workers receiving training they can understand and apply.

Young worker recovers from on-the-job brain injury in Colorado

Workers can suffer serious injuries on the job in Colorado including serious brain injuries that can be suffered in construction accidents or other types of accidents as well. A construction accident on the Front Range left a young man's promising college hopes at risk after he suffered a traumatic brain injury during his summer construction job. The high school graduate was preparing to attend college at a local school in the fall when he was seriously injured while at his roofing job.

Workers compensation to help with repetitive stress injuries

Workers can be injured at work in a variety of different ways, situations and circumstances. Just because a worker works in an office does not mean that they cannot suffer a serious workplace injury that they may need help with just like any other worker who has been injured on the job and suffered a workplace injury.

Colorado workplace deaths down but still 77 killed

Workers' compensation benefits can include death benefits for surviving family members which are important for workers and their families to be familiar with. Workers' compensation benefits can serve as a safeguard for injured workers and their families in a variety of ways when they have suffered harm on the job.