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Posts tagged "Construction Workers' Accidents"

Falling objects: Reinforcing bar falls from 15th story, injures 2

Two construction workers were recently transported to the hospital after they were struck by reinforcing bars that reportedly fell from 15 stories above. Falling objects are a major concern on many job sites, and companies in Colorado and elsewhere generally seek to prevent such incidents by taking measures to ensure all equipment is properly secured. Should a heavy load come loose from the floors above, the safety of all workers below could be placed at risk in the process.

1 killed in construction accident after forklift overturns

Heavy duty machines such as forklifts may be a common sight on many job sites in Colorado and elsewhere. These machines are used to lift and transport a variety of materials, and the heavier a load, the less stable a forklift might become. Should such a machine become unstable, nearby workers could be placed at risk in the process. A 46-year-old man was killed in a recent construction accident after a forklift reportedly overturned and pinned him against another vehicle.

Fatal construction accident caused by trench collapse

Working around unstable ground is a concern for many construction workers in Colorado and across the nation. When a job-site requires the use of a trench, ensuring the proper precautions are taken is a must, as failing to do so could result in a catastrophic accident. A man has died following a recent construction accident during which he reportedly became entrapped in a trench that wasn't properly shored.

Street sweeper injures 2 during recent construction accident

For construction workers in Colorado who perform job-related tasks on the side of the road, the danger of an accident is ever-present. All it takes is one moment of inattention on the part of a driver, and the health and safety of a worker could be placed in jeopardy. Two men were hospitalized in a recent construction accident when they were thrown into a trench after the driver of a street sweeper failed to notice a nearby hose.

3 injured in construction accident after scaffolding collapses

For individuals in Colorado and across the nation who operate in the construction industry, using scaffolding to work at heights might be an everyday occurrence. While these mechanisms make certain duties significantly less difficult to perform, should a malfunction occur, the health of workers can be placed at significant risk. Three individuals have suffered injuries in a construction accident that took place under similar circumstances in another state.

Man dies after being struck by beam in a construction accident

Many construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere place a high priority on maintaining a safe environment for workers to operate in. Companies may also provide safety training and equipment for employees in an effort to reduce the odds that an accident will occur. Unfortunately, preventing every construction accident could prove a difficult task, and those involving heavy falling objects can be devastating.

Construction accident involving machine malfunction injures 1

Companies in Colorado and across the nation are constantly reviewing and addressing protocols and procedures to increase workplace safety and cut down on the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, even in following safety procedures to the letter, the safety of a worker might not be guaranteed, especially in the presence of a malfunctioning machine. A man has recently suffered serious injuries in a construction accident that occurred under similar circumstances.

Crane accidents run the risk of ending in disaster in Colorado

When a construction job calls for the lifting of exceedingly heavy materials, workers in Colorado and elsewhere may be required to make use of a crane. While these machines make it much less difficult to perform job duties that would otherwise be nearly impossible, there is also a certain level of risk involved in their use. Crane accidents can prove to be some of the most devastating workplace incidents, potentially placing the safety of everyone nearby in harm's way.

1 dead after construction accident involving lift and doorway

Construction workers in Colorado and across the country make use of various types of equipment and machinery that are necessary to the task at hand. While machines such as a scissor lift can be helpful in job duties that require one to work at heights, workers must use caution when moving similar machines to reduce the odds of a dangerous incident. A 27-year-old man has died in a recent construction accident after becoming trapped between a motorized lift and a doorway.

Construction accident involving 9 story fall claims worker's life

For those who work for construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere, working at heights may be an everyday requirement. However, even by strictly adhering to safety procedures and wearing the proper gear, an individual could be at risk while performing similar duties. A 27-year-old man in another state suffered fatal injuries in a recent construction accident in which he reportedly fell from the ninth floor of a building.