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Posts tagged "workplace injury"

Workplace injury: Blast sends 2 oilfield workers to burn center

Colorado workers of companies servicing the oil industry are often exposed to potentially dangerous situations that could lead to severe burn injuries. The consequences of burns can be life-changing and are likely one of the most serious on-the-job injuries workers can suffer. For workers in the petroleum industry, it is not uncommon for thermal burns to result from a workplace injury.

An asbestos related workplace injury can cause severe illness

Colorado workers on job sites where asbestos is present are exposed to severe health hazards. Asbestos can cause a workplace injury that may lead to mesothelioma cancer, asbestosis or lung cancer. When asbestos breaks or crumbles, sharp-edged particles become airborne and can be inhaled by workers. These fragments will stick to the soft tissue of their respiratory systems. This is not restricted to the workplace as the rigid fibers can stick to the clothing of workers and be carried home to endanger their families and others in similar ways.

Preventing workplace injury to eyes highlighted this month

Workers in Colorado and other states are commonly exposed to various safety hazards, one of which is highlighted during the month of March. It is reported that the number of workers who have lost some level of eyesight after workplace injuries exceeds one million. It is estimated that approximately 2,000 workers suffer a workplace injury to an eye every day.

Man suffers workplace injury to left leg

When machinery in the workplace malfunctions or isn't handled properly, the consequences can be painful and even devastating. An employee in Colorado can temporarily or permanently lose his or her ability to work due to a work accident that results in serious injuries. One construction worker recently experienced a harm following a jobsite accident in another state.

Resources exist to reduce workplace injury for small business

Workplace safety for employees was expressed to be a top concern of small businesses, according to a survey reported by a small business insurance specialist recently. Small businesses generally understand that providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace is critical to the wellbeing of its employees and the financial success of the business. More than that, it's also the law in Colorado and elsewhere to implement safety provisions designed to reduce the incidences of workplace injury.

Workers' compensation is paid regardless of employee fault

Even if an employee is injured while doing something that would normally be considered as careless or unsafe, a resulting workplace injury must be compensated. The workers' compensation system in Colorado and elsewhere takes fault out of the equation and requires benefits be paid to a worker suffering a workplace injury regardless of fault. That also means that, as between the employer and the employee, there can be no tort claims for injuries made by either party.

Federal shutdown may increase workplace injury in Colorado

The federal government shutdown is affecting some individuals more than others. For example, one function that the federal government carries out through the Labor Department will halt for the time being - workplace safety investigations. Workplace safety is important for people living in Colorado and elsewhere and these federal investigations play a vital role in the prevention to workplace injury. It is hoped that the federal government reopens soon in order to continue with its vital work in this regard.

Colorado agencies working to help others avoid workplace injury

Recently, representatives from Colorado's division of OSHA went to a neighboring state to conduct safety inspections. The action was a joint venture among neighboring states to help reduce the number of employment injury claims in certain industries. While the inspection was focused on just one state for now, there is a nationwide effort scheduled later in the year.

Propane explosion leads to workplace injury for several

Many jobs in this country carry a possible risk of injury or even death. Workplace injury is probably not the goal for any employee at any time. When the unexpected does happen, it can cause serious injuries or result in a permanent disability. Many workers in Colorado, like all other states, do have a potential insurance benefit that can help with medical expenses and lost wages.

Colorado workers injured on the job may qualify for compensation

There are some people who are loved by everyone. Considered loyal, dependable, and fun to be around, they are the type of person one ever forgets meeting. While unexpected deaths are always tragic and shocking, it is perhaps more shocking when such a beloved person is killed. A great loss is felt today after such a man was killed in a workplace accident; an additional seven other people were harmed while working. The injured employees and the family of the deceased man, similar to Colorado workers, likely qualify for workers' compensation.