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Workplace injury: Blast sends 2 oilfield workers to burn center

Colorado workers of companies servicing the oil industry are often exposed to potentially dangerous situations that could lead to severe burn injuries. The consequences of burns can be life-changing and are likely one of the most serious on-the-job injuries workers can suffer. For workers in the petroleum industry, it is not uncommon for thermal burns to result from a workplace injury.

Preventing workplace injury to eyes highlighted this month

Workers in Colorado and other states are commonly exposed to various safety hazards, one of which is highlighted during the month of March. It is reported that the number of workers who have lost some level of eyesight after workplace injuries exceeds one million. It is estimated that approximately 2,000 workers suffer a workplace injury to an eye every day.

Daylight saving time change causes more to be injured on the job

According to research, an increased number of workplace injuries occur on the day following the change to daylight saving time (DST). One would not expect that 40 minutes less sleep could have such an adverse effect on workers, but The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) says it can be detrimental to workers whose occupations require high levels of concentration. Colorado workers and employers may be interested to learn that data studied by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Mine Safety and Health Administration indicates an increase of 5.7 percent in incidents in which workers are injured on the job on the day after time changes.

2 Colorado workers hospitalized after being injured on the job

Colorado workers who are employed by companies in the communication and wireless network industry face specific hazards on a daily basis. These workers often have to execute tasks at extreme heights. If employers fail to provide the necessary safety equipment as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with proper safety training, workers may be injured on the job.

Denied claims for workers' compensation payback may be challenged

Colorado workers who have suffered workplace injuries may suffer anxiety due to financial challenges following the accident. In addition to mounting medical bills, the lack of income during the recuperation area may be distressing. In the event of denied claims, injured workers may challenge the decision of the insurer, but this will likely need the assistance of an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

Questions and answers about workers' compensation in Colorado

Those who live and work in Colorado may, at some point, find themselves in a position in which they would need to utilize workers' compensation benefits. While state laws regarding workers' compensation may seem straightforward, some may feel the coverage they receive isn't sufficient for the work-related injury or illness they have suffered. In this week's post, we are going to cover some common questions and answers about workers' compensations benefits.

When an employee suspects occupational disease

Occupational disease can place an employee at serious risk if they discover they have been exposed and fall ill. Medical expenses can add up quickly and may cause financial strain if a worker does not receive benefits through their employer to help cover the cost of treatment. A Colorado employee that believes they have developed an occupational disease while working may have many concerns and questions.

Risk of being injured on the job in Colorado

Information published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently revealed that certain professions may place workers at a greater risk of being injured on the job. Work that requires the use of machinery or exists within an unpredictable environment in Colorado may place a person in a more dangerous situation than other positions permit. An employer may be required to provide proper safety equipment and training to help prevent workers being injured on the job.

Scholarships for kids of those with a permanent disability

When a person experiences permanent disability from a work injury they may feel concern and worry over what the future may hold for them and their family. They may have many questions about how to maintain financial security and how they will continue to provide for their loved ones. A Colorado foundation has now made scholarships available to kids of those with a permanent disability from work related injuries for teens that qualify.

Occupational disease may result from asbestos exposure

Mesothelioma is a tragic illness that can affect those exposed to asbestos. The toxic compound is often found in materials that workers have to handle, tear down or clean up, ending up on clothes, skin or through inhalation. If workers are not adequately protected with safety gear when working with asbestos, then occupational problems may be experienced and possible legal action may be enacted.