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Posts tagged "investigation"

Fracking company cited for on-the-job injury, death in 2014 blast

Following up on our Nov. 19, 2014 post about a fracking site blast ("1 killed, 2 injured at work in Colorado fracking accident," OSHA's investigation is complete. The company was issued with a $7,000 fine. The deadly accident occurred in last November when workers attempted to heat a frozen pipe that had formed an ice blockage. A 36-year-old worker lost his life, and two others -- ages 48 and 28 -- each suffered an on-the-job injury.

Workplace injury at Colorado drill site claims life of worker

Workers at drill sites in Colorado and other states are typically exposed to multiple safety hazards. They are particularly vulnerable when their employers and supervisors disregard safety regulations. Such negligence can lead to a workplace injury that could be fatal.

Stray bullet causes fatal workplace injury to 'Cops' crew member

A recent fatality on a film set shows that workers in all industries face hazardous situations on a daily basis. Colorado residents may be familiar with "Cops," the reality TV show that has been portraying law enforcement as it happens since 1989. The production company responsible for filming these dangerous scenes may not be doing enough to protect the crew members against harm, and -- as in this case -- a fatal workplace injury. Upon completion of an accident investigation, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration instructed the production company to implement proper training and improved safety procedures while filming.

Night-shift accident leads to severe workplace injury

Colorado workers who are tasked with equipment maintenance should not be exposed to known safety hazards. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations for such activities. When these rules are disregarded, the potential for a workplace injury may increase.

Colorado welder dies after workplace injury in explosion

While all industries present safety hazards, some dangers are unique to particular occupations. One such occupation is welding and requires strict safety measures to avoid a workplace injury. Extreme temperatures are reached during welding, and an added danger is caused by the spatter and sparks created. While the sparks may cause severe injuries to an unprotected worker, an additional danger is posed by the distance that flying sparks could travel. A Colorado welder recently lost his life, and another worker was injured, while welding at a business near Erie.

Man loses life after being injured at the workplace by loader

Working in an industrial environment in Colorado can leave employees vulnerable to being injured at the workplace if specific safety protocols are not followed. The use of machinery, tractors and forklifts can require specific visibility and sound alarms to make others aware of movement and operation. One industrial worker recently lost his life when he was injured at the workplace when another co-worker failed to notice him.  

Colorado man loses life in fatal workplace injury

A fatal workplace injury may inflict severe emotional and financial trauma on a family after they lose their loved one. Organizing arrangements and preparing an estate can sometimes be overwhelming when the household income has unexpectedly ceased. A Colorado man recently lost his life after suffering a workplace injury.

Employer safety problems could lead to workplace injury

A serious workplace injury or fatality that can occur from a negligent safety violation can create serious consequences for a victim and the employer. A Colorado worker that does suffer a workplace injury may question the safety standards surrounding their position and how that may have contributed to their physical damages. A roofing company was recently fined $162,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for failure to provide proper safety and protection to employees.

Flash fire hurts two in workplace injury at resin plant

A flash fire is a sudden, intense fire caused by ignition of a mixture of air and a dispersed flammable substance such as combustible dust, vapor cloud, gas leak or an aerosol or other combustible liquid. It is characterized by high temperature, short duration, and a rapidly moving flame front, sometimes in connection with an explosion. In Colorado and other states, flash fires are known to be sudden and overpowering, often resulting in serious workplace injury.

Workers' compensation due after cougar attacks and kills worker

It's a tragic loss when a worker who was an animal lover is killed in a workplace accident by one of the animals that she loved. The setting was not in Colorado but in an animal rescue compound in another state where wild cats were housed. She was cleaning an enclosed space used by two cougars when one of the animals got out of its cage and attacked and killed her, according to police. The deceased woman has a surviving husband and a baby only five months old. Fortunately, her family is entitled to collect workers' compensation death benefits for a workplace accident resulting in death.