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Posts tagged "fatal accident"

Colorado learns of fatal workplace injury at fabrication facility

Readers in Colorado know that, sometimes, being at work can be dangerous. This is especially true for those who work in industries such as fabrication and construction. Recently, a man died as a result of a fatal workplace injury accident in another state.

Colorado learns of workplace injury at fracking site

Many readers in Colorado may be aware that fracking is a process of extracting oil and gas from the ground by using pressurized fluids and sand. One worker has died as a result of a fatal on-the-job acacident and another suffered severe injury. Both men were working at a fracking operation in another state.

Colorado workers at dangerous construction job die in crash

Colorado police are investigating a horrific car accident that took place on a recent fall afternoon near an on-ramp of a busy highway. The crash led to the death of two people who were working on a local highway just prior to the incident. Now, some officials may be considering how the dangerous construction job of working on a busy road can be made safer for workers.

Workplace accident at research lab watched closely in Colorado

Colorado employees may not be strangers to workplace safety initiatives, but they also likely know that accidents can occur at any time and to anyone. When a workplace accident does occur resulting in serious injuries or even death, families may feel overwhelmed and even devastated. A workplace injury can happen to employees in any workplace, but job conditions may be more dangerous for those working around toxic materials and substances. One recent west coast case illustrates just how dangerous research labs can be due to toxic and dangerous chemicals and what can happen when safety is not a priority.

Report reveals details of deadly crane accident

A recent report issued by an out-of-state sheriff's department has shed some light on the cause of a deadly construction accident. Crane accidents have received a great deal of media attention in Colorado and across the country. According to witnesses, a recent incident that killed one man and left another in serious condition was either due to the crane lowering a heavy object too quickly or adjusting the crane while a concrete span was being put into place. Nevertheless, the exact cause of the work injury has not been officially established.

BP agrees to pay more to settle charges after workers' deaths

Workplace safety is a growing concern for the American public and has become a pretty big concern for an oil industry giant as well. BP has agreed to contribute even more money toward a settlement reached with the government after facing allegations of multiple safety violations.

Two construction workers die in crane accident

As many construction workers know, working in this industry can be dangerous. Crane accidents can be particularly devastating. Recently, two construction workers tragically lost their lives in such an accident in another state. Colorado construction workers who often work with the fear of suffering a construction accident can no doubt relate to what the families of those slain workers are going through.

1 killed, 2 injured in Colorado work accident

A recent Colorado work accident ended with one fatality and two workers injured. The accident occurred early Monday morning close to Bayfield at BP's Pinon compressor station. BP is currently investigating the explosion. The extent of the injuries for the men injured at work is currently unknown.

Construction accident kills one worker in tunnel

One worker was killed and another injured in a tunnel at an out-of-state construction site on June 11. The construction accident occurred while employees of a water authority agency were working on a mining operation when they were struck by a high-pressure release of grout. The project is intended to allow authorities to draw water from the Colorado River.

Construction accident leaves 1 dead, 2 injured in Boulder

A Colorado construction worker was involved in an on-the-job and eventually died as a result of the injuries suffered when he was pinned beneath a fallen beam on Tuesday, May 8. According to witnesses, the construction accident occurred when the man was standing on the steel beam. It began shifting. The witnesses then watched him fall to the ground below. The beam then followed, pinning him to the ground. Construction workers were able to use a crane to remove the beam from the pinned man, but the damage had already been done. Doctors pronounced the man dead at the hospital later that day.