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2 Companies cited for failing to prevent construction injuries

Construction workers in Colorado often have to work in trenches. The collapse of a trench is a common cause for construction injuries, and collapses can threaten the lives of workers in a variety of operations. Unprotected trenches can potentially be death traps, and workers must not be expected to work in such dangerous conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited two Colorado construction companies who failed to protect employees who work in trenches.

Worker critically injured when defective equipment fails

Construction workers in Colorado often have to work at great heights. In compliance with safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, construction company owners must provide workers with protective gear. However, protective gear must be inspected for defects before it is issued to workers as defective equipment can lead to severe injuries or even death.

Collapsed scaffolding claims lives of 3, severely injures another

Colorado construction workers face a multitude of safety hazards posed by their various activities. Collapsed scaffolding has been identified as one of the hazards that causes high numbers of catastrophic injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. A tragic workplace accident in another state recently claimed the lives of three workers and severely injured another when the scaffold on which they were working collapsed.

Falling steel joists cause fatality in construction accident

Colorado families whose loved ones work in the construction industry are likely always concerned about their safety. Construction workers face a multitude of safety hazards in the line of duty. Even while knowing this, family members can never be prepared for the death of a loved one in a construction accident. Aside from the shock after such an incident, surviving family members may have several concerns and questions about how to proceed in pursuing death benefits to address the unexpected costs that inevitably accompany tragedies of this nature.

Colorado company cited by OSHA for fatal construction accident

A general contractor from Colorado and a subcontractor from another state received multiple fines following a bridge collapse that caused a fatality in May last year. The construction accident took place in another state where a construction crew was preparing to remove a railway crossing. This formed part of a project that involved the upgrade of a highway and construction of an interchange.

Road construction accident claims life of Colorado worker

Colorado workers who are involved in excavation may realize the dangerous conditions they are exposed to on a daily basis. Not only does heavy mechanical equipment pose construction accident hazards, but the lives of workers on the ground are in constant jeopardy. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration expects company owners and supervisors to provide safe working environments and to ensure that all workers are adequately trained to perform their various jobs. In addition, the safety gear prescribed for each type of work should be supplied to the workers.

How do I file a construction accident claim in Colorado?

Colorado employees who work in certain industries may be fully aware that their jobs are riskier than others. Those who work in construction may feel this way, as their work exposes them to potential harm more so than in other jobs. However, this does not mean that they are not entitled to file for workers' compensation when it is warranted. Those who have questions about filing for workers' compensation after a construction accident may find answers to several of their questions right here.

Defective equipment led to the death of a construction worker

When the media report the death of a worker, it is not uncommon for Colorado readers to be concerned about the worker's family who was left behind. In addition to grieving the death of their loved one, the family may well face financial difficulties as a result of medical and final expenses, along with the loss of the man's income. A construction worker in another state lost his life in Oct. 2013, apparently due to defective equipment at his workplace.

Construction trades need vigilance to prevent crane accidents

Leave it to city authorities in one of the country's major metropolitan centers to lessen the security and safety controls over cranes just as the measures should probably be tightened. Hopefully, controls against crane accidents in Colorado will not go down that same road. The city council in that eastern city decided to allow contractors to replace a crane "master rigger" with an individual that has only 32 hours of course instructions.