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Colorado job sites may hold a risk for construction injuries

Although it may not be on many workers' minds when they go to work each day, the risk of suffering an injury while on the job is ever-present. When construction injuries occur, the workers injured may have a long road to recovery, which can keep them out of work for a substantial period of time. Although this process may be difficult, thankfully there are laws in place in Colorado that can assist the workers in receiving the treatment they need.

Colorado workers injured on the job may qualify for compensation

There are some people who are loved by everyone. Considered loyal, dependable, and fun to be around, they are the type of person one ever forgets meeting. While unexpected deaths are always tragic and shocking, it is perhaps more shocking when such a beloved person is killed. A great loss is felt today after such a man was killed in a workplace accident; an additional seven other people were harmed while working. The injured employees and the family of the deceased man, similar to Colorado workers, likely qualify for workers' compensation.

Railroad company revises its workplace injury policies

Colorado workers suffer a variety of injuries in the workplace each and every day. Instead of reporting a workplace injury, workers may continue with their normal duties or treat their injuries off the company's time. They do not want to do anything to jeopardize their employment in such an unstable economy, so some elect to avoid reporting workplace injuries to the appropriate authority.

3 workers are injured on the job in a plant fire

Colorado workers know firsthand how critical a time it is when accidents occur in the workplace. Being injured while working as a result can very well have negative effects on finances. Depending on the severity of the injury, a victim may find himself out of work and without wages. Possibly, three workers at a power station in another state may find themselves in such a predicament after being injured in a fire that occurred on site.

OSHA cites a Colorado dairy company for high workplace injury

A Colorado workplace has been hit with numerous violations by OSHA. Sinton Dairy Foods Company was on an OSHA list with other companies that had high incidences of workplace injury and workplace illness. OSHA has started targeting these companies aggressively in order to reduce accidents and on-the-job sickness.

Colorado dismisses lawsuit pertaining to occupational injuries

Colorado residents and others may face the risk of occupational hazards. Some are foreseen and could possibly be prevented and others are not so easy to predict. When a hazard occurs workers may sustain occupational harm through no fault of their own. In some instances, those injuries have fatal results.

Violence can lead to workplace injury in Colorado

While on the job, Colorado workers face a range of hazards. The dangers present within the workplace often revolve around the type of work done or the conditions in which one's duties are performed. Colorado workers acknowledge and accept that certain types of work are inherently more dangerous than others. However, there is one category of workplace injury that does not correlate to the type of work performed, and that poses a risk to workers of all types.

Colorado learns of tragic workplace injury at warehouse

Colorado readers may be interested to learn about a horrific accident that happened recently at a distribution warehouse in another state. The man who was injured in the incident appears to have been at work when it happened. He is now in a local hospital recovering from a devastating workplace injury that was reportedly life threatening.

Colorado on-the-job injury may require workers' compensation help

The story of a cable man who got hurt while working may be of interest to some readers in Colorado. The on-the-job accident happened when the cable man attempted to scale a fence on a property where he had been hired to work. The man suffered injuries that required an extended period of time for recovery.

Workplace injury can come in Colorado when machinery is used

Colorado readers may be interested to learn about a recent injury to a man that occurred as he worked on his job. The man, who lives in another state, worked for a cast iron plant that had been the subject of safety investigations in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. However, the inury during work does not appear to be related to the past federal investigations.