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Workplace Injuries Archives

Permanent disability: Man loses legs during workplace incident

Workplace safety is a serious concern for many companies in Colorado and elsewhere, regardless of the their field of operation. However, certain professions are inherently more dangerous than others, such as those that require employees to work with heavy duty machinery. Accidents involving machines can have disastrous consequences and in some cases, they may lead to permanent disability. A recent workplace incident in another state has reportedly led to a need to amputate a man's legs.

Fallen window results in serious workplace injury for 1

Individuals in Colorado may face a variety of hazards in the workplace each day, some of which may depend on the field in which they are employed. However, certain risks, such as falling objects, can be present in a multitude of professions, and these can pose a serious threat to the health of an individual. A 45-year-old man reportedly suffered a serious workplace injury in a recent construction accident after a window fell from above and struck him.

Fatal workplace injury after heavy-duty tire explodes

Heavy-duty machinery is used on many job sites in Colorado and across the country to assist in moving materials and clearing work spaces. These vehicles are generally of greater size and weight, and can place a great deal of pressure on tires, which may increase the chances of a blowout. A 45-year-old man recently suffered a fatal workplace injury in another state after the tire on a similar vehicle suddenly exploded.

Lack of sleep could raise the risk of a serious workplace injury

There are many circumstances in which a dangerous workplace accident might occur. Although each job might include its own hazards, there are a few concerns that may be universal, such as tiredness and/or fatigue on the job. Recent studies even suggest that individuals in Colorado and elsewhere who work while sleepy are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident, and subsequently suffering a workplace injury.

Construction accident claims life after roof truss collapses

The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is something that no family should have to bear. Unfortunately, many families in Colorado and elsewhere have been forced to experience such a tragedy following a dangerous workplace accident. A man died following a recent construction accident in another state after a roof truss reportedly collapsed.

Can this app help avoid a heat-related workplace injury?

Even here in Colorado, the heat can get unbearable. If an individual works outdoors, he or she could suffer from a heat-related illness. One way that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health are working to help workers avoid this particular workplace injury is through the creation and update of a heat safety app for smartphones.

Extremitites plus machinery can equal serious workplace injury

The safety of employees should be one of the most important factors for companies in Colorado and across the country. Unfortunately, companies may often focus on production rates that can lead to overly demanding schedules for employees. An employee who performs tasks in a rush could be at a higher risk of suffering a serious workplace injury. A woman in another state has been hospitalized after a recent accident at work in which her hand was trapped in manufacturing equipment.

Firefighter suffers severe workplace injury in explosion

Firefighters across the country are often required to work in and around hazardous environments on a daily basis. A firefighter in Colorado is put through extensive training before entering the field in order to prepare for any possible risks. Unfortunately, though, accidents do occur. A recent job-related accident involving an explosion has caused a man in another state to suffer a severe workplace injury.

Man suffers fatal workplace injury after ground collapses

Construction workers often face many dangers out in the field. Before construction begins in Colorado, areas are evaluated in order to uncover and resolve any potential hazards. Unfortunately in some cases, not every safety risk is identified in the process. Unidentified risks are often the cause of many job-related accidents, some of which result in serious injury, or worse. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while on the construction site of a new home.

Falls can cause serious workplace injury in New Mexico

According to a recent study, falls from heights account for around 40 percent of work-related injuries. Many companies in Colorado are constantly updating safety procedures to reduce the risk of a workplace injury, but accidents continue to occur. These safety guidelines may be especially crucial in relation to job sites that require workers to operate at heights.