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Workplace Accidents Archives

Occupational injuries: 3 taken to hospital after fire breaks out

Emergency responders in Colorado and across the nation have difficult jobs, and they are sometimes dispatched to provide assistance in potentially hazardous environments. Even with the necessary training and safety gear, the threat of occupational injuries remains a constant concern for many firefighters. A recent incident in which a gas line was struck has left two firefighters and a water department employee with injuries.

Safety procedures may reduce the odds of occupational injuries

Many individuals in Colorado and elsewhere may be unaware of the potential hazards they might face at work. Occupational injuries are a major concern for workers in a variety of fields, and incidents that occur at work can have catastrophic results. However, there are certain steps an individual can take that may help significantly reduce the odds that a workplace accident will occur.

Identifying the most prevalent types of occupational injuries

Workplace safety is a major concern for both workers and employers in Colorado and across the nation. Identifying any possible risks in the workplace could be essential to addressing any issues and keeping employees safe from harm. While there are a variety of injuries one could suffer at work, studies suggest that there are some occupational injuries that tend to be more prevalent than others.

Leading causes of occupational injuries in construction industry

There are a multitude of circumstances in which a dangerous workplace incident can occur. However, some tend to be more prevalent than others, and recent reports suggest that one of the leading causes of occupational injuries for construction workers in Colorado and elsewhere lies in caught-in, caught between accidents. With an alarming portion of these incidents resulting in serious injuries or death, addressing any hazards in the workplace could be essential to employee safety.

Regular inspections may help cut down on occupational injuries

Regardless of their chosen profession, many individuals in Colorado and elsewhere may face a variety of hazards at the workplace. Reducing the amount of risks present in work-related environments is a goal that many companies share. Although eliminating every potential safety risk can be an arduous task, companies may be able to take steps to reduce the chances of serious occupational injuries by taking the necessary measures.

Reducing occupational injuries with the use of technology

Work-related incidents are far too common and run the risk of causing serious harm to the health of employees. While companies in Colorado and across the nation strive to reduce the risk of occupational injuries, they may be uncertain how best to achieve this goal. According to recent studies, improvements to surveillance and data collection technology in the workplace could be the key to improving employee safety.

Reducing the odds of occupational injuries in hazardous fields

While workers in every profession may face some level of risk in the workplace, certain fields of profession are inherently more dangerous than others. Companies in Colorado and elsewhere that hire individuals to work in factories and warehouses may develop stringent safety procedures and require workers to wear the necessary gear at all times. However, with the presence of heavy machinery and the potential risks of fires and explosions, occupational injuries may remain a constant threat.

Accident involving semi and dock leads to fatal workplace injury

Many companies in Colorado and elsewhere make use of commercial vehicles to assist in the transportation of materials and goods. With their inherent size and weight, these vehicles can carry heavy loads, but they can also pose a threat to nearby workers, as a workplace injury involving a semi runs the risk of ending in catastrophe. A recent workplace accident involving such a vehicle has claimed the life of a 30-year-old man.

Workplace injury: 1 dead after becoming trapped under dump truck

Many individuals in Colorado and across the country are required to work in close proximity to heavy duty vehicles in a variety of professions. With the inherent size and weight of such a vehicle, it could pose a significant threat to the health of those nearby. A 57-year-old man has suffered a fatal workplace injury in another state after he was trapped underneath the tires of a dump truck.

1 dead following slip-and-fall accident at power plant

Many businesses in Colorado and across the country put a great deal of effort into reducing the chances of an accident in the workplace. However, even with numerous safety precautions and procedures in place, preventing every incident could prove challenging, especially when employees are required to perform in and around unstable environments. A recent slip-and-fall accident at a job site in another state resulted in the death of a 36-year-old contractor.