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Frequent questions about workers' compensation benefits

If you are in need of workers' compensation benefits, you may have a variety of important questions. The first question that will likely need an answer is how to determine if you qualify for workers' compensation benefits which requires a determination of two factors, including if you are considered an employee and if your injury was work-related.

The importance of knowing about workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation benefits in Colorado are a vital lifeline for injured workers and their families, which makes them important to understand. Workers in Colorado can suddenly find themselves injured and unable to work, which can mean time without a steady income and an inability to pay bills or afford necessities.

Understanding workers' compensation wage and medical benefits

When a worker suffers a workplace injury, it may leave them in the difficult position as medical bills pile up while they are unable to work and earn any wages. It is a difficult position to be in. Depending on the circumstances, injured workers can be unable to work for weeks or months which is why it is important they are familiar with their workers' compensation benefits.

What types of injuries can lead to worker's comp benefits?

Workers' compensation benefits serve as an important protection for injured workers. Workers' compensation benefits generally preclude an injured worker from bringing a claim for damages against an employer following a workplace accident, so it is essential or injured workers to be familiar with what types of injuries are covered by workers' compensation benefits.

What are the differences between workers' comp and disability?

Let's face it; work is often a critical component in our lives. Many of us cannot get by without a job, causing some of us to get less desirable positions. In some cases, this means working in an environment or an industry that carries more risks and dangers. Regardless of the work place, when a worker is injured, this can present issues. If the injury is serious enough, the worker will require medical treatment and even time away from work to recover. And in severe matters, the injury could be so grave that it causes an employee to experience a temporary disability.

How can workers' compensation benefits help me?

Workers' compensation disability benefits are vital benefits for injured workers and their families to understand. Though most workers may have heard of them, they may not be very familiar with them and may have a number of important questions about them.

The difference between SSD and workers' comp disability

Since workers' compensation disability and Social Security Disability benefits both provide monetary support for injured Colorado residents who are unable to work, many people may be unsure of which program they qualify for. As a result, injured individuals may end up applying for the wrong program and be denied benefits they desperately need.

Different insurance programs for injured employees

When someone is injured due to a work accident, not only does one have to deal with hospital expenses that were not expected but he or she also has to contend with taking time off from work and potentially losing out on much-needed income. Colorado residents may not be aware that there are various types of insurance systems they can tap into, but it is essential to understand the differences between to ensure the right program is applied to and unnecessary delays not caused.