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What injured workers need to know about workers' compensation

Injured workers need to be familiar with the resources available to help them through the period of time following their injury while they may be unable to work and are, at the same time, incurring medical expenses. Workers' compensation for injured workers can be essential for injured workers and their families to help them get through a difficult period of time.

Safe workplaces needed as workers still suffer workplace dangers

Jobs including landscaping, roofing, highway construction and construction are still the deadliest jobs according to federal data. In Colorado, from January 2017 to September 2018, there were a total of 19 worker deaths. Nine of the workplace deaths were due to falls. Employers were issued a little over $301,000 in fines related to the deaths.

Help with lost income for injured workers

One of the biggest concerns injured workers and their families may have following a workplace accident and workplace injury is how they will support themselves and their families while they are unable to work. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits in Colorado include lost income benefits to help injured workers.

Worker killed in fatal Colorado workplace accident

Workers' compensation benefits provide resources for those impacted by workplace accidents. A 54-year-old man was recently killed in a workplace accident on the front range. The fatal workplace accident occurred when the victim was struck in the chest by a piece of wood thrown from a machine. The man worked for a company that manufactured custom doors. He was taken to a local hospital following the workplace accident where he was pronounced dead.

A variety of options may be available to injured workers

When a worker is injured at work, it can be complicated to understand all of the different options available to help. The good news is that there are a variety of resources available to injured workers so it is important that they are familiar with what those different resources are so they can get the help they need when they have been injured.

Frequent questions about workers' compensation benefits

If you are in need of workers' compensation benefits, you may have a variety of important questions. The first question that will likely need an answer is how to determine if you qualify for workers' compensation benefits which requires a determination of two factors, including if you are considered an employee and if your injury was work-related.

The importance of knowing about workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation benefits in Colorado are a vital lifeline for injured workers and their families, which makes them important to understand. Workers in Colorado can suddenly find themselves injured and unable to work, which can mean time without a steady income and an inability to pay bills or afford necessities.

Understanding workers' compensation wage and medical benefits

When a worker suffers a workplace injury, it may leave them in the difficult position as medical bills pile up while they are unable to work and earn any wages. It is a difficult position to be in. Depending on the circumstances, injured workers can be unable to work for weeks or months which is why it is important they are familiar with their workers' compensation benefits.

What types of injuries can lead to worker's comp benefits?

Workers' compensation benefits serve as an important protection for injured workers. Workers' compensation benefits generally preclude an injured worker from bringing a claim for damages against an employer following a workplace accident, so it is essential or injured workers to be familiar with what types of injuries are covered by workers' compensation benefits.

What are the differences between workers' comp and disability?

Let's face it; work is often a critical component in our lives. Many of us cannot get by without a job, causing some of us to get less desirable positions. In some cases, this means working in an environment or an industry that carries more risks and dangers. Regardless of the work place, when a worker is injured, this can present issues. If the injury is serious enough, the worker will require medical treatment and even time away from work to recover. And in severe matters, the injury could be so grave that it causes an employee to experience a temporary disability.