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Social Security Disability Archives

Helping you prove eligibility for SSD benefits

Individuals in Colorado and elsewhere do a lot the plan for the future. Because the unexpected can happen, it is often best to be prepared for it. However, no matter how much a person prepares for the future and the unexpected, this does not prepare a person to deal with a shocking incident, like a serious accident or severe illness. Living with a disabling injury or illness can turn a person's life upside down. It can cause a once working person to be unemployed, as it is impossible to work. The financial hardships can set it, causing disabled individuals to seek out assistance.

Appeals options for SSD applications that are denied

Many Social Security Disability applications are initially denied, which is why applicants should be familiar with the appeals process. There are several levels of appeals available when an application for Social Security Disability benefits has been turned down, and disabled individuals seeking benefits should be familiar with each.

Can I try returning to work and still receive disability?

For disabled individuals who may want to consider the possibility of returning to work, they may have concerns about the impact that could have on their Social Security disability benefits. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration provides options to help disability recipients considering returning to the workplace and resources to address these concerns.

Compassionate allowances and other ways to qualify for SSD

There are different ways that a disabling medical condition may be established to satisfy the Social Security disability (SSD) requirements to qualify for SSD benefits. Because disabled applicants can sometimes face challenges associated with the application process for Social Security disability benefits, it is helpful to be familiar with the options available.

How to qualify for Social Security disability benefits

Some disabled individuals may be unaware that they may qualify for disability benefits which is why it is important to know the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability (SSD). Social Security disability benefits can be vitally important to disabled individuals and their families struggling to make ends meet while they are unable to work and suffering from a disabling medical condition.

Compassionate allowance and early onset Alzheimer's

Receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness is life altering. One is not only shocked by this event, but they are also battling with the disease itself. When the condition is severe, impacting a person's life on various levels, it is vital to take the time to understand what options there are. The Social Security Administration has various programs to help those living with disabling condition, assisting with financial support while individuals in Colorado and elsewhere are unable to work because of the disease they are living with.

What should I know about a Social Security disability review?

For Colorado residents who are ill, injured or suffer from a condition that leaves them unable to work, Social Security disability is available to provide various benefits to help them. Once the person is found to be disabled and they get benefits, it is important to remember that the Social Security Administration will, at certain intervals, review the medical condition to determine if the person should continue getting benefits. Understanding the factors that are considered when there is a review and how it affects the person is key.

Helping you recover the SSD benefits you need

Living with a disability is anything but easy. Sure, individuals are able to adapt their lives to the situation, but the added challenges can make it hard to do normal things, work or even care for oneself. Thus, it is common for these individuals to consider options to aid them through these difficulties. The Social Security administration has designed programs for just this situation. By applying for Social Security disability benefits, individuals living with a disability caused by an illness or injury can get the financial assistance they need to get by.

Help with Social Security disability appeals

Unfortunately, many Social Security disability applications for benefits are denied. That is not the end of the story, however, and applicants for these important benefits should also be familiar with appeals options available to help them obtain the benefits they need.

Can I get SSD benefits for an anxiety disorder?

Many people often feel anxious in new situations or when beginning a new task, but they do not consider it debilitating enough as to affect their daily functioning. This is why many Colorado residents might find it difficult to understand that anxiety and depression can profoundly affect an individual's life and career. People who are suffering from anxiety might become uninterested in life, lethargic and unmotivated - left with a mental condition that leaves them unable to work.