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Social Security Disability Archives

Preparing for a Social Security Disability appeals hearing

A recent post here discussed the importance of the Social Security Disability appeals process. One important part of that process that disabled individuals should be prepared for is the hearing before an administrative law judge, which is why a closer look at the process may be helpful.

The appeals process for Social Security Disability benefits

Knowing how to appeal a denied application for Social Security Disability benefits is essential because of the frequency with which applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. There are several levels of appeal available to disabled individuals who have had a claim for Social Security disability denied.

Apply for Social Security disability under a spouse's work record

This blog recently took a close look at work history requirements to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. One option that is important to note is that in some circumstances, family members may be able to claim these important benefits based on the work history of another party.

A closer look at work history requirements for SSD benefits

Having the appropriate work history is necessary to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Yet, this is not as well understood as the medical condition requirement. Unfortunately, the possibility of becoming disabled is very real, as studies reveal that one in four 20 year olds will become disabled prior to turning 67, which is why these benefits can be of critical importance.

How to effectively plan to apply for SSD benefits

Unfortunately, two thirds of applications for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are initially denied. Because of the importance of these benefits to many disabled individuals, it is important for disabled applicants to be familiar with how to put forward a strong application for Social Security disability benefits.

How are Social Security disability benefits reviewed?

If your Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are being reviewed, or if you are receiving them but you are concerned about a review, you may have many questions about what the review process includes. It is helpful for recipients of Social Security disability benefits to understand what to expect from the review process and what it includes.

Social Security disability benefits will increase next year

Good news is afoot for recipients of Social Security disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income. Payments for Social Security disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will increase by some next year. The increase is due to a cost of living adjustment that is mandated by law. The cost of living adjustment is due to inflation. The Social Security Administration recently announced the 2.8 percent increase for the upcoming year.

SSD benefits may be impacted by workers' comp, public disability

If you are receiving, or have thought about applying for Social Security disability, you may not realize that other programs can impact the amount of Social Security disability that you receive, or are approved for. Today, many people have more than one job, whether that be a combination of part and full time employment or owning a business and engaging in a side-job to help make ends meet. The way one is paid and the way these jobs are characterized (i.e. contract worker or employee?) can impact the way disability benefits are paid out.

How to appeal a denied claim for disability benefits

Knowing how to make a claim for Social Security Disability benefits is important because so many applications are initially denied. Knowing how to apply, and provide a thorough and complete application, can be helpful in wading through the sometimes challenging application process for SSD benefits.

Cash assistance easier to attain for disabled applying for SSD

For those with disabilities, life is a little tougher than for those who do not suffer from a mental or physical disability. While Social Security Disability is a federal aid program designed to help those with disabilities, there are always improvements that can be made to further bolster our disabled population. The Colorado State Board of Human Services unanimously approved a rule that will make Colorado's Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) program more accessible for Coloradans with disabilities.