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Social Security Disability Archives

SSD benefits may be impacted by workers' comp, public disability

If you are receiving, or have thought about applying for Social Security disability, you may not realize that other programs can impact the amount of Social Security disability that you receive, or are approved for. Today, many people have more than one job, whether that be a combination of part and full time employment or owning a business and engaging in a side-job to help make ends meet. The way one is paid and the way these jobs are characterized (i.e. contract worker or employee?) can impact the way disability benefits are paid out.

How to appeal a denied claim for disability benefits

Knowing how to make a claim for Social Security Disability benefits is important because so many applications are initially denied. Knowing how to apply, and provide a thorough and complete application, can be helpful in wading through the sometimes challenging application process for SSD benefits.

Cash assistance easier to attain for disabled applying for SSD

For those with disabilities, life is a little tougher than for those who do not suffer from a mental or physical disability. While Social Security Disability is a federal aid program designed to help those with disabilities, there are always improvements that can be made to further bolster our disabled population. The Colorado State Board of Human Services unanimously approved a rule that will make Colorado's Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) program more accessible for Coloradans with disabilities.

Appealing a denied claim for disability benefits

The Social Security Disability appeals process can be critically important for many disabled individuals and their families. Because the majority of initial claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied, understanding how to wade through the multiple levels of the appeals process is important.

How can Social Security Disability benefits make a difference?

After many year of dedicated work, it's possible your body could fail you. It's not anyone's wish that their health wouldn't be what it once was, but it happens to people. An event may have happened that sent a person's health to a negative place, or it may be an injury that's slowly worsened over time. Whatever the instance, Social Security Disability benefits can help to lessen the impact that an inability to work can have on a person's finances.

The review the process for Social Security disability benefits

Understanding how Social Security disability benefits will be reviewed is important for recipients of disability benefits to understand. The Social Security Administration reviews the medical conditions of those receiving disability benefits from time to time to ensure that they continue to meet the definition of disability.

Social Security disability offers protection for injured workers

There are few things in life that truly offer some level of protection from instances that can be life-altering, and not in a good way. Most folks living in Colorado Springs needs to work in order to make a living and have the things they need for themselves and their family. When a person's ability to work is in question, chaos can ensue. It's good to know that for wage-earning Coloradans, Social Security disability benefits are there to help.

How to apply for Social Security Disability benefits

There are different methods of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, but what is most important is to know how to apply for them and to provide the strongest application possible. It is also important to keep in mind that most initial applications for disability are denied, so disabled applicants should understand their appeals options as well.

Helping you prove eligibility for SSD benefits

Individuals in Colorado and elsewhere do a lot the plan for the future. Because the unexpected can happen, it is often best to be prepared for it. However, no matter how much a person prepares for the future and the unexpected, this does not prepare a person to deal with a shocking incident, like a serious accident or severe illness. Living with a disabling injury or illness can turn a person's life upside down. It can cause a once working person to be unemployed, as it is impossible to work. The financial hardships can set it, causing disabled individuals to seek out assistance.