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How the riskiest day for workplace injuries can help you

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Winter can be a dangerous time for workers in Colorado. In fact, according to a report from the Denver Post and analysis from Pinnacol Insurance, Jan. 9 is the riskiest day for workers across the state. On that day, on-the-job injuries are 62% higher than on a typical day.

While the most dangerous day for workers in Colorado has passed this year, you should try to understand why workplace injuries spike early in January. After all, while you can likely receive workers’ compensation benefits for a job-related injury, a serious one may leave you with lifelong complications. Here are some reasons early January is hard on workers in the Centennial State:

Vacation lag

Many workers take time off during the holidays, returning to work after the first part of the year. Unfortunately, vacation lag may be dangerous for employees. That is, you may be a bit out of practice after your holiday break. If you do not focus your attention on both your job and workplace safety, you may suffer a severe injury.

Inclement weather

Colorado Springs has a reputation for having winters that are both beautiful and chilly. When the temperatures plummet, you may have an increased risk of injuring yourself in a slip, trip or fall. Furthermore, you may encounter slick surfaces both outside and inside your place of employment. You may also be prone to frostbite or hypothermia if you work outdoors.


If you work in a place that is busy during the holidays, your coworkers may decide to use vacation days early in January. As such, you may have to cover for a colleague, even if you are unfamiliar with his or her job duties. If you are not sure about safety protocols, you may inadvertently sustain an injury.

Even though the riskiest day for Colorado workers has passed, you can never entirely eliminate the possibility of suffering a work-related injury or developing an on-the-job illness. By considering why workplace injuries tend to happen in early January, though, you can better plan for staying safe at work.

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