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Common reasons an SSDI claim is denied

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Firm News

You expected your claim to sail through the application process, and instead received only a form rejection letter.

Many people face this same situation when applying for SSDI benefits. There are a few common reasons many first-time claims end in denial:

Not enough work experience

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a formula for determining if you qualify for benefits. If you do not meet the prescribed number of years for your age, your claim will likely be denied.

A history of denials

After a denial, it may be tempting to start over with a new application. However, this isn’t typically the best course of action. If someone is reviewing a claim and sees the person was denied for benefits in the past, they may issue a denial.

This can get you stuck in a frustrating loop of applications that lead straight to denials.

Ignoring medical advice

If your disability requires continual medical treatment and you simply stop going, the SSA will likely view that as a cause for denial.

It’s important to follow all medical treatment regardless of whether you’re applying for SSDI, but it’s especially crucial to show that you’re doing everything prescribed to treat or manage your disability.

Missing medical history

It’s important to have documented proof you’ve done everything possible to address your disability before the SSA will accept a claim. This means having your past treatments and medical history readily available for review.

If you self-treated your injury for a long period of time or have long gaps between treatments, it may cause issues with your application.

Pushing past a denied claim

If you face denial on your first application for SSDI, don’t despair. It’s a frequent result of a long and complicated process.

Talking with a knowledgeable attorney may help you understand what you can do to improve the chances of an accepted claim, either through an appeal or a new application.

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