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April 2019 Archives

What to know when applying for Social Security disability

Social Security disability (SSD) is an important resource for disabled individuals who are unable to care for themselves as they used to be able to. They should know how to navigate the process as best as possible including how to qualify for Social Security disability, how apply for Social Security disability and how to address the hearing and appeals processes.

Preparing for a Social Security disability hearing

This blog recently talked about the importance of the Social Security disability hearing process so it might be helpful to look at it in a little more detail. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an initial application for Social Security disability benefits to be denied so part of the appeals process includes a hearing which is something disabled individuals applying for benefits should understand.

Two workers killed in workplace accident

Workers' compensation benefits are here for Colorado families when they need them following a workplace accident or fatal workplace accident. Two bodies were recently recovered in northern Colorado following a fatal workplace accident. The two workers were killed when a trench collapsed. The two victims were in their mid twenties and late forties. The fatal workplace accident occurred when the 15-foot trench gave way and buried the victims.

Workers' compensation benefits protect injured Colorado workers

Workers' compensation benefits can be vital for many injured workers and their families which is why injured workers and their families should be familiar with workers' compensation benefits available in Colorado. Workers' compensation disability benefits can help with workplace injuries and illnesses and help injured workers and their families with a difficult time.

Social Security disability for disabled individuals over 50

This blog recently discussed seniors and how they can obtain Social Security disability benefits. It is also useful to be aware of when those over 50 can obtain Social Security disability (SSD) benefits when they need them. Social Security disability benefits can help with the daily needs and costs of disabled individuals and their families.

Reporting a workplace injury in Colorado

Knowing what to do following a workplace accident is important for injured workers to be familiar with. Reporting a workplace injury is an important initial step in the process of seeking workers' compensation disability benefits many injured workers and their families may rely on.