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Workplace safety training being given in Spanish in Colorado

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Firm News, workers' compensation disability

Workers in Colorado should have a safe workplace and one component of creating a safe workplace is ensuring the workers receive proper and appropriate safety training. One important aspect of ensuring proper and appropriate safety training to create a safe workplace is that workers receiving training they can understand and apply.

In Colorado, offering Spanish speaking training to construction workers has reduced injuries for Spanish-speaking construction workers in Colorado. The construction industry can be especially dangerous for workers so it is important for them to be familiar with protections available to them including those related to employer requirements and workers’ compensation benefits for when workers are injured and need help with their daily costs and needs while they are unable to work as a result.

Workers’ compensation benefits in Colorado can help injured workers and their families with lost earnings, medical expenses and other costs associated with a workplace injury or illness as well. Additionally, workers’ compensation death benefits may be available to family members following a fatal workplace accidents. It is not only important that workers in Colorado have a safe workplace but that they know how to protect themselves if injured.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that safety training be in a language that the worker understands but this does not always happen which is why workers should be aware that they should receive safety training that makes sense to them and enjoy a safe workplace. When their workplace is not safe and they are injured, they should be familiar with workers’ compensation benefits and how to obtain them.

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