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March 2019 Archives

When seniors may qualify to receive Social Security disability

Today's seniors face health challenges like all seniors which is what makes it helpful to be familiar with Social Security disability benefits and the different options to help them with the needs they face. Seniors should be familiar will the different resources and benefits available to them which include Social Security disability benefits.

Social media may be reviewed for disability applications

The Social Security Administration may begin evaluating social media posts when considering claims for Social Security disability, according to recent news. Currently, social media is reviewed for fraud but it was recently included in the latest budget proposal to expand the use of social media reviews to applications for Social Security disability benefits as well.

How workers' compensation protects injured workers

Workers in Colorado should be familiar with their right to a safe workplace as well as their workers' compensation rights if they have been injured on the job. Employers are required to provide a safe workplace and are also required to pay for some type of workers' compensation insurance that their employees can access if they are injured in the job.

Workplace safety training being given in Spanish in Colorado

Workers in Colorado should have a safe workplace and one component of creating a safe workplace is ensuring the workers receive proper and appropriate safety training. One important aspect of ensuring proper and appropriate safety training to create a safe workplace is that workers receiving training they can understand and apply.

Can I work while I receive Social Security disability benefits?

Disabled individuals seeking Social Security disability benefits may have many questions they need answered including if they can work while receiving benefits. This, and the eligibility requirements to receive Social Security disability benefits, are important for disabled individuals and their family members to understand and be familiar with.

Young worker recovers from on-the-job brain injury in Colorado

Workers can suffer serious injuries on the job in Colorado including serious brain injuries that can be suffered in construction accidents or other types of accidents as well. A construction accident on the Front Range left a young man's promising college hopes at risk after he suffered a traumatic brain injury during his summer construction job. The high school graduate was preparing to attend college at a local school in the fall when he was seriously injured while at his roofing job.

The steps to take to prepare an application for SSD benefits

Preparing a claim for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits is important for disabled individuals and their families to carefully consider. This blog recently discussed how disabled individuals can qualify for Social Security disability benefits but it is also important for them to know how to bring a strong claim for benefits because so many claims are initially denied.