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January 2019 Archives

Colorado workplace deaths down but still 77 killed

Workers' compensation benefits can include death benefits for surviving family members which are important for workers and their families to be familiar with. Workers' compensation benefits can serve as a safeguard for injured workers and their families in a variety of ways when they have suffered harm on the job.

How to know when a disabled individual is eligible for disability

Knowing when a disabled individual can qualify for disability benefits can be exceptionally important for many disabled individuals and their families to understand. Social Security disability benefits are benefits that many families may critically rely on so it is essential to know who may be eligible to receive benefits.

Disability benefits terminated for young woman with disease

Losing Social Security disability benefits can be alarming which is why disabled individuals should know how to fight back if they have lost their disability benefits. A 22-year old woman with a deadly disease recently learned that her Social Security disability benefits had been terminated. The woman lives with cystic fibrosis which causes serious lung damages and frequent infections. The woman receives medications and therapy 6 hours a day.

Workers' compensation benefits help injured workers

Workers' compensation benefits are intended to help injured workers and workers suffering from an occupational illness with the challenges they face as a result of a workplace injury or illness. Specifically, workers' compensation benefits help with lost wages while the injured worker is unable to work and with medical expenses while they are recovering.

Long wait times for Social Security disability benefits

Because waiting for Social Security disability benefits can have serious consequences for disabled individuals badly in need of the benefits, it is helpful for disabled applicants to be familiar with the application and appeals processes. Greater than 800,000 Americans are currently waiting for an appeals hearing for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, thousands of disabled applicants die each year while they wait for benefits. One United States representative noted it was unacceptable for 10,000 disabled individuals to die while waiting for Social Security disability benefits.