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Apply for Social Security disability under a spouse’s work record

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2018 | Firm News, Social Security Disability

This blog recently took a close look at work history requirements to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. One option that is important to note is that in some circumstances, family members may be able to claim these important benefits based on the work history of another party.

In general, to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the disabled applicant must have the necessary work history credits to demonstrate that they have paid into the system. Up to four work credits can be earned annually and are based on earnings and employment history. There are a variety of complexities associated with claiming Social Security disability benefits and other benefits through Social Security so it can pay off to be familiar with what those are.

To qualify for Social Security disability using someone else’s work record, the applicant must meet several requirements including that they are at least 62 years of age; that their spouse is already collecting Social Security; that the spouses have been married for at least one year; and that the spousal benefit the spouse applying for benefits under the other spouse’s work record would be bigger than if they were to apply based on their own work record.

There are a variety of different benefits available through Social Security and different options are available to disabled individuals in different situations, including those that lack the necessary work history or are claiming benefits under a spouse’s work record. The process off applying for, and receiving, Social Security disability benefits can be a complex one which is why it is best for disabled individuals to sort out as much of the process as possible before hand to present a strong applicant for benefits they may badly need.

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