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The importance of knowing about workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Firm News, workers' compensation disability

Workers’ compensation benefits in Colorado are a vital lifeline for injured workers and their families, which makes them important to understand. Workers in Colorado can suddenly find themselves injured and unable to work, which can mean time without a steady income and an inability to pay bills or afford necessities.

Unfortunately, work-related injuries and illnesses can be common, which is why being familiar with what workers’ compensation benefits have to offer and how they can be accessed is so important. Most employers in Colorado carry workers’ compensation insurance, which provides coverage for injured employees regardless of fault. To begin with, injured workers should understand both their rights and responsibilities associated with a workers’ compensation disability claim.

Important timelines and limits are associated with making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers have four days to report a workplace injury to their employer. They have two years to file a workers’ compensation claim if the employer fails to do so. Benefits that may be available through Colorado workers’ compensation include medical benefits, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits and death benefits for families in circumstances of a fatal workplace accident.

Injured workers should immediately seek medical attention for their injuries on the job and should be familiar with what they need to do, what their employer needs to do and how to assert their workers’ compensation rights. Additional options are available when a claim for workers’ compensation benefits has been denied, which also makes it essential to understand those timelines and be familiar with what injured workers should know.

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