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New study shows common trends in Colorado workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Firm News

Even though Colorado’s done a lot to decrease the amount of accidents within the last decade, there are still several injuries that tend to follow a particular pattern. While most have come to expect what jobs are more dangerous in the state, they might not consider the most frequent times when an injury happens or what type of accident it is.

Recently, the Denver insurance company Pinacol evaluated five years of data to examine frequent types, timing and rate of injuries that occur in the state. The data could prove useful in making workers take more caution within their daily routines.

Morning blues

While Pinacol found some differences with the types of injuries that occur in different Colorado professions, they did notice that the majority of these injuries occur in the morning. They believe that it is common for work injuries to occur before lunch because many employees do not eat or hydrate properly, leading to a dip in blood sugar.

Aside from keeping you awake and healthy, proper breakfasts are also crucial for decision making in the workplace. The National Academy of Sciences believes that eating a meal with more carbohydrates will result in higher cognition in planning. In the more dangerous job fields like construction or hospitality workers, quick thinking is imperative for job efficiency and safety.

Inexperienced injuries

While the rates vary, the report shows that newer workers in Colorado have the highest chances of injuries. The study determined that the injury claims of 44 percent of construction workers, 38 percent of health care workers, 30 percent for professional and clerical workers and 35 percent of hospitality workers were all on someone’s first year on the job.

Employers must teach their how to function at an appropriate rate. The study blames these high rates on companies that throw their new hires into the job and expecting them to adapt quickly. With how physically demanding these jobs can be, it is especially important that they do not get something out of their league early on, as it only takes one mistake to send someone to the emergency room.

Back problems

The most common type of injury for those who work at construction sites, offices, hospitals and many other places in Colorado is the back strain. They can result from lifting too much, excessive or lack of movement and getting struck by a heavy object. The report encourages workers to find alternative means to carry heavier objects such as carts to avoid putting too much strain on your body.

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions you take to avoid becoming a part of these statistics, you can still receive injuries in dangerous environments and negligent workers. To ensure that you get enough to financially recover from your workplace injury or illness, you should contact a Colorado attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation.

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