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What types of injuries can lead to worker’s comp benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Firm News, workers' compensation disability

Workers’ compensation benefits serve as an important protection for injured workers. Workers’ compensation benefits generally preclude an injured worker from bringing a claim for damages against an employer following a workplace accident, so it is essential or injured workers to be familiar with what types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation may be available for pre-existing conditions that have been aggravated in the workplace, such as a pre-existing back injury. Additionally, workers’ compensation benefits may also be available for injuries suffered at company facilities, such as in the company lunchroom, or injuries caused during breaks, lunchtime hours or work-related activities. In some circumstances, injuries resulting from mental and physical stress and strain caused by work may allow the injured worker to seek workers’ compensation benefits.

In addition to workplace injuries, workplace illnesses may also make a sick or injured worker eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. As an example, exposure to toxins that leads to lung cancer may qualify the worker for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to help injured and sick workers with medical expenses and lost wages. In some circumstances, benefits may also be available to families if a worker was killed in a workplace accident or as a result of a workplace illness.

Workers who have suffered harm at work, such as an injury or illness, should be familiar with the protections available to them and how to access those protections. Being familiar with what workers’ compensation has to offer and workers’ compensation rights is essential for injured workers and their families.

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