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Can I try returning to work and still receive disability?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Firm News, Social Security Disability

For disabled individuals who may want to consider the possibility of returning to work, they may have concerns about the impact that could have on their Social Security disability benefits. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration provides options to help disability recipients considering returning to the workplace and resources to address these concerns.

In some circumstances, recipients of Social Security disability (SSD) benefits may want to test the waters to see if they are able to return to work. In those circumstances, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides work incentives and a Ticket to Work program. Disabled individuals may not know what work they will be able to perform or if they will be able to perform any at all.

For disabled individuals that want to return to work for any number of reasons, the SSA’s Ticket to Work program can help disability recipients looking to return to work with free vocational rehabilitation, job training, job referrals and other employment-related support. It is also important to note that recipients of disability benefits may be able to continue to receive their disability benefits while determining if they are able to work. Work incentives can include continued cash benefits while they work, continued medical benefits while they work and help with education, training and vocational rehabilitation.

In addition, if the disabled individual has returned to work but becomes unable to work once against due to their medical condition, they may be able to resume benefits. There is a lot to know about SSD benefits generally and returning to work while receiving benefits. Recipients of disability benefits who are considering returning to work and are evaluating their options may have a number of understandable concerns. It is important for them to have answers to these concerns and any questions they may have so they can pursue the path that is best for them.

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