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May 2018 Archives

How long do I have to wait for an SSD appeals hearing?

Almost two-third of all first time applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. The good news is that most of these applications are approved in the appeals process. The bad news for Colorado residents is that it can take up to two years for the first administrative hearing to take place.

Different insurance programs for injured employees

When someone is injured due to a work accident, not only does one have to deal with hospital expenses that were not expected but he or she also has to contend with taking time off from work and potentially losing out on much-needed income. Colorado residents may not be aware that there are various types of insurance systems they can tap into, but it is essential to understand the differences between to ensure the right program is applied to and unnecessary delays not caused.

Busting myths about Social Security

Although the Social Security Administration has been running the federal program of Social Security Disability benefits for many years, there are still a number of myths that affect Colorado residents' understanding of the system and the rules and regulations surrounding it. A lot of misinformation is accepted as truth and can be detrimental in the long run.

Memory loss and qualifying for SSD benefits

Social Security Disability benefits exist to help qualifying Colorado residents get the financial aid they need to make ends meet, as they are no longer able to work. One of the reasons a person may find himself or herself unable to work and earn a living is because they are suffering from memory loss.

How are budget cuts affecting SSA's public services?

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is complicated and often overwhelming for Colorado residents already struggling with a physical or cognitive disability. A potential applicant may find him or herself turning to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for guidance and find they are facing long waiting times.

What are "critical" cases for SSD benefits?

Much is said about how long it takes for the Social Security Administration to review a Social Security Disability benefits application and Colorado residents planning on applying may hesitate to do so because they are afraid it might take too long to be approved. However, there are certain instances in which an SSD application can be expedited. If the SSA comes across such a claim, they are required to accept or deny it more quickly than usual.

How can one prove a disability?

Much has been said about the requirements regarding qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits -- a medical condition that is expected to last for at least one year or resulting in death, and an inability to work. Colorado residents looking to apply for SSD benefits often focus on getting their medical documentation together and neglect the other aspect altogether -- proving an inability to work.